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The UK R&B scene has evolved in the last decade, opening the door for many interesting acts and expanding the boundaries of the genre. 

Here’s our list of five rising stars you should check out:

Lauren Faith

Lauren Faith was known for writing for Craig David but emerged as a singer and songwriter and produced with her own merits. 

Her talents have been highlighted for Kaytranada, who collaborated with Faith on the track “Jheeze,” one that showcases her experimental R&B.

In interviews, she expressed her desire to become the first woman to win Producer Of The Year at the Grammys. 

Shaé Universe

Shae Universe is a Nigerian-born British singer-songwriter who moved to the U.K at four. She grew up with soul and gospel music and mentions Erykah Badu as one of her inspirations.

Shaé Universe began singing in the church choir at a very young age, sparking her love for music and melodies. 

One of her songs, “Levels,” expresses her raw voice and emotions, inspired partly by the catty behavior she found in industry professionals. 

Her most meaningful song written is “Rage,” and she advises those who want to pursue a career in music to have a personal sense of direction, given how creatives will attempt to decide things for you.

Dayo Bello

Dayo Bello hails from South East London and began writing songs in his bedroom studio. One of his tracks, “You,” was remixed to add vocals from R&B singer Jaz Karis for Bello’s debut EP, 360.

His song was written to honor his lover and project all of his blessings toward her.

As with many R&B singers, Bello had his beginnings in the church choir, inspired by gospel music. Dayo Bello’s other songs include “You Are Beautiful”, “Yoruba Medley: Ko S’oruku / Talo Dhabi Florin Mi / Jesu L’oba Ayeraye / Emi L’egberun Ahon.

He’s been praised for his vocal dexterity, range, and agility. 


Bellah is a North London singer-songwriter from the Nigerian diaspora and a melodic singer with several EPs and a recent album, Adultsville, to her name. 

Her music explores emotions through melodic, almost ethereal verses and appealing lyrics. Adultsville recounts the story of a young woman trying to hold her ground in a world of chaos. 

Her debut EP was “Last Train Home,” and other projects she’s released include “In The Meantime,” “Evil Eyes,” and “The Art of Conversation.”

The album has been called “British R&B heaven.” 

Kadeem Tyrell

Kadeem Tyrell was surrounded by R&B and soul while growing up. 

His songs revolve around love, rediscovering your worth, and relationships, digging into his own emotional experiences to create his songs. His lyrics are vulnerable, romantic, and wholesome.

Some of his current albums include “As Time Goes By,” “Elements,” and “Feels.”

He’s currently signed with INDEPENDENT, KT Records, and Open Your Mind.


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