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A memorable moment to this London fashion week is none other than the multi-cultural eco-friendly label Ahluwalia and their Spring-Summer 2023 collection this season. With the intent on bringing Africa’s best foot forward to the rest of the world, Indian-Nigerian creative director Priya takes the runway show to storm with 30 breathtaking looks. 

Growing up in a mixed household, it would only make sense that the South West London born  designer places a great amount of emphasis on African & South Asian representation in the western fashion atmosphere. As a result of never seeing her own face in spaces she grew an interest in, Priya then made it her label’s mission to include diversity into the equation and fill up the missing pieces of yesterday’s fashion narratives.

Close to the brand’s own DNA, every piece that she displays is made of recycled vintage clothing from locals and therefore, preventing the ever-growing production of waste. Just like the sourced fabrics, each part of the outfits tells its own African story, some of it appearing in warm colours and others in luminous blue tones. Accompanied by a surrounding of trees and massive stage lights, the collection truly lives up to its name, illustrating the best of summers that can be imagined through the lens of young Africans with a great sense of style and a deep appreciation to their culture. 

The show can be viewed on Ahluwalia official’s page.

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