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A destined anthem for the summer and beyond, “THE GLO” is a reclamation of supreme confidence. Inspired by the breakdown of a failed relationship and a period of loss of self; “THE GLO” shows a rejuvenated ayrtn, causally flexing on the self-produced G-Funk inspired beat, also co-produced by Angus Luke.

Speaking further on the track’s origin, ayrtn said: “I realised that I was greater than the negative things my ex painted me to be. From there, I began to gain my confidence again. “The GLO” is all about the sun coming out from behind the clouds after a period of darkness”.

“The GLO” is the second single for his sophomore EP, TOO AWESOME, and follows the woozy “CAUTION” which gained love from Sian Anderson’s KISS FM Show. ayrtn is a stand-alone in the UK alt rap scene, continuing to facilitate his sonically curious ear for sounds, creating breezy raps which blends subcultures of the past and future to encompass his laser-sharp flow and delivery.

You can watch the video below. 

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