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Black Cultural Archives (BCA) has launched Black Futures: Our Time is Now, as a season of programming on October 1 to match Black History Month.

Chair of the Board, Dr. Yvonne Thompson CBE, says it represents a ‘new era for BCA,’ which will continue until January 31. They want to seize the current attention towards the Black British movement and create a positive conversation on rising stars and existing artists.

Black Futures Season seeks to raise awareness on the importance of understanding Black history to foster momentum towards racial justice and a better future for all Black British people.

BCA is committed to preserving the heritage and cultural heritage of Black Britain, empowered by the past and focused on making the future more equal. The organization seeks to amplify contemporary and future voices in. 

The community and part of their job is to highlight movements and individuals making a change in contemporary Black British society.

The season includes two new exhibitions, an awards ceremony, and talks with emerging figures in the Black community. 

The awards ceremony will be the 40 x 40 Future Leaders Award. This award seeks to celebrate the incredible and diverse talent that exists in the Black community, with around 42 individuals recognized at the awards.

From actors and poets to mathematicians and entrepreneurs, some of these nominees include The Black Curriculum founder Lavinya Stennett.

They’ll start with a portrait exhibition organized by Chair Yvonne Thompson CBE and in partnership with @blackbritainbeyond.

The exhibition will be the multi-media Transforming Legacies exhibition, a showcase of the work of emerging Black British artists from various disciplines.

A Great Day in Brixton will be a historic group photoshoot of notable Black British artists in Britain, inspired by “A Great Day in Harlem,” the photograph that pictured 57 jazz luminaries of the day by photographer Art Kane for Esquire magazine on August 12, 1958.

Transforming Legacies will take place from 27th October 2022 to mid-January 2023.

Some of BCA’s active projects and partnerships include Seeing Ourselves: Representation in Heritage and arts Career, their workforce development project. They want to create a more diverse, representative, and healthy UK arts and heritage sector.

Poetic Unity is a registered charity that serves to teach young people different ways of learning through poetry, and also provides a safe and friendly environment for young people to perform and join their peers.

As for the exhibition entry, general admission is £5.

Learn more about BCA’s projects by visiting them on their website here.

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