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Bellah has made a name of her own in the current UK R&B scene. This time, she dropped her most ambitious and visually stunning project yet, Adulstville.

Garden was produced by Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum producer Jonah Christian and makes the best of Bellah’s powerful songwriting and hypnotizing vocals. 

If there’s one thing Bellah’s known for in recent years, it’s her storytelling lyrics. Those who listened to her performance of Evil Eye were mesmerized at hearing her raw, authentic lyrics.

“It doesn’t matter if we’re family, you can’t dim me” from Bellah performing Evil Eye at COLORS surely struck a chord with many fans.

The EP comes with seven tracks analyzing the ups and downs of adulthood in all of Bellah’s honest songwriting glory.

Bellah told fans through her socials that Adulstville is where she’s found herself without remembering how she got there or what to do now that she’s there.

She had previously released other hit EPs, 2020’s The Art of Conversation and 2019’s Last Train Home. Her next drop was Evil Eye, where she graced the COLORS stage with a soulful performance that she couldn’t even believe.

“Can you bloody imagine? Me? A mf’n Colors? I see you God ♡”

Fans who listened to her performance stated how she sounded like a Princess singing off a balcony.

Adultsville was also executive produced by Grammy Award-winning Ari PenSmith, who has supported Bellah since she began releasing her music. 

“Just got evicted from my youth didn’t even get a notice” is a hint of what’s to come in Adultsville as a whole.

Exploring the nuances of becoming an independent adult isn’t easy. Bellah doesn’t shy from the harsh truth of young adults expecting an easier hand than the one life gives them at first.

More accurately, her sounds have been described by The Blues Project as nostalgic 2000s instrumentals alongside a high-caliber voice.

Bellah has the ability to transcend from hip-hop flux beats to seductive melodies while sporting world-class influenced R&B.

Bellah is British-Nigerian, and introduced herself to the R&B scene with her debut EP ‘Last Train Home, featuring singles like ‘Never Loved’ and ‘Peanut Butter Hazel.’

She went on to drop further projects in the form of ‘In The Meantime’ and ‘The Art of Conversation.’ Her personable attitude and lyrics have made her a fan favorite in R&B in no time. Bellah’s work thrived even in the age of COVID-19.

Fans of Bellah are excited to see her grow as a musician.

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