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Carter Efe Ft Berri-Tiga Machala’s Song Making Waves On The Global Scene

Carter Efe is a famous Nigerian skit maker and content producer turned singer. He is best known for his love and admiration for the Nigerian music superstar Wizkid, which he usually expresses in some of his skit videos.

He is a celebrated Nigerian comedian alongside Sydney Talker and several others.

Recently, Carter Efe released his long much-anticipated debut song titled Machala featuring Berri Tiga, a young Nigerian and emerging vocalist. The song is a tribute to Wizkid.

It’s a song that went viral on various social media platforms – trending on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram.

It came as a surprise to many Nigerians looking at how the song has become a global hit – making waves in different countries outside Nigeria.

The song has got a massive feat by making it into the Billboard chart in the US. This has made many fans of Wizkid happy as they celebrate the success joyfully on social media platforms.

Machala has also got recognition as the number one position on the Apple Music Top Songs Nigerian chart within 24 hours upon its release.

What does Machala mean?

You will love to know the meaning of the phrase Machala that is now going viral.

Machala is a name Wizkid is called by his fan base. It’s a slang for the “Supreme King” or “Boss” in Nigeria.

Carter Efe who has always wanted to be like Wizkid was heard in the song’s intro saying;

I no wan like any girl again for this life
I no wan like any girl
I wan I wan I wan
I wan just dey like Wizkid

In the chorus, you can hear him and Berri Tiga saying;

Ahhhh, Gat me looking like Machala ooh
I jam wizkid for Ghana ooh
When I dance my Makosa
People dey craze for Instagram
Gat me looking like Machala ooh
I jam wizkid for Ghana ooh
When I dance my Makosa
People dey craze for Instagram

Who Is Carter Efe?


Carter Efe’s real name is Oderhohwo Joseph Efe. He was born on the 29th of September, 1995, in Delta State, Nigeria.

He started his career in comedy in the year 2018, which were mostly short comedy skits on Instagram. Many people enjoy watching his skits on social media platforms, wherein he used to appear in comedies without wearing a shirt.

He didn’t get much recognition until 2020 when he got featured by well-known comedians, influencers, and content creators in the industry.

Machala is his first song and it paves the way for a beautiful beginning in his music career.

Carter Efe has also revealed on his social media handles that the song Machala has changed his life while sharing his old pictures when he was a tailor, which shows that he has strived hard to reach where he is now.

As a social media influencer, he has over 600, 000 followers on Instagram, and not less than 90, 000 followers on Twitter.

You can find his social media handles below:

Instagram: @carterefe

Twitter: @carterefe__

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