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It’s always great to see the talented newer artists collaborate with the legends and forefathers of the game. Cordae has been doing just that recently collaborating with the likes of Nas and Common. The talented young MC has now linked up with another Hip Hop legend with the one and only Lil Wayne.

Cordae’s known as one of the more lyrical rappers on the scene within the last few years. If you know anything about Lil Wayne, you’ll know that when he’s in the mood to go lyrically bananas, there are very few rappers ever that can out rap him.In ‘Sinister’ Cordae outlines his plans of lasting long in the Hip Hop game. He displays his potent lyrical ability while holding a strong presence throughout the music video.

Lines such as “This ain’t rap music, this straight literature”. Highlights the thinking Cordae puts into his music. He isn’t a shock value artist or a guy that goes into the studio trying to make club bangers which makes a lot of their songs sound the same. He knows the science behind Hip Hop simply because he is a man of the culture, and that’s one of the many reasons why he will be around for a long time.

Lil Wayne verse is everything you’d expect it to be. He walks into a room filled with countless people in the visuals and stands in front of the podium to let everyone know what’s up. From the wordplay, the incredible changes in his flow throughout his verse. You’re left sitting there thinking, how is Weezy still rapping like this almost 30 years into the game.

In this rap game, if you’re genuinely gifted and put the work in, you will stand the test of time. So having Wayne who’s done just that is the perfect feature for ‘Sinister’ as he’s accomplished what Cordae is striving for, and that’s longevity. With his next project, ‘From A Birds Eye View’ dropping soon. It will be intriguing to see how he builds on his outstanding debut studio album ‘The Lost Boy’.


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