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Burna Boy and Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is one of the British musicians who are having an influence on modern music at home and a global scale.

His latest music collaborations with some afrobeat stars such as Burna Boy and Fireboy DML seem to indicate his affection toward afrobeats.

This year so far is turning out to be hugely successful for Afrobeats and Ed Sheeran is one of the world’s biggest stars who are taking notes on the development.

Ed Sheeran is developing a close working relationship with Burna Boy and the latter new song “For My Hand” with Ed Sheeran is a result.

The singer-songwriter from Nigeria recently told Apple Music of their recent collaboration.  Burna Boy is full of praise for Ed Sheeran after the pair collaborated on the Nigerian new single.

The two seem to have developed chemistry. Burna Boy describes their collaboration as “so natural”.

“Ed is probably the most amazing guy I’ve met in my life, man.  Do you understand? So it was natural, you get me? And it’s one of the ones where it’s just like back to back, you get me? It’s so natural.”

The duo sings about their gratitude and appreciation toward their significant others.

“I wanna be in your life until the night is over/I wanna hold you so tight, so tight, come in closer,” Ed Sheeran and Burna Boy croon during the song’s first verse. “It’s been a hell of a ride for every single moment/You were there by my side.”

Burna Boy describes Ed as probably the most amazing guy he’s met in his life.

“He got me because he showed nothing but love from day one”.

Saying that Nigeria is reigning as the King of Afrobeats is probably the best way to describe the impact of the West African country on this music genre.

Afrobeat is making people dance from all corners of the world and Ed Sheeran is taking notes by multiplying music collaborations with Nigerian artists.

Ed Sheeran for instance contacted Fireboy DML to collaborate with him on a remix of his Afrobeats hit, Peru. Ed sent a note to the Nigerian singer saying he was a fan and wanted to collaborate.

“He had been listening to the song for weeks,” Fireboy told Radio 1 Newsbeat, from his studio in Lagos, Nigeria.

“Not only had he heard the song, but he’d already recorded a verse for it too.”

The 26-year-old Nigerian music star welcomed Ed for his proposal even though some critics were saying that “having such a big name on the track dilutes the song’s origin”.

“People were saying Peru was already big. It was already good enough without him,” he says.

In the song, Ed sings a couple of lines in Yoruba, a language predominantly used by millions of people across West Africa, especially in southwestern Nigeria.

Saying Ed Sheeran is the only one among international music celebrities would be an understatement. Everyone from Chris Brown, Madonna, and Beyonce, among others, wants a piece of afrobeat.

And Ed Sheeran has already got two pieces this year so far with Burna Boy and Fireboy DML.




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