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Egypt Leads the Charge at the 13th African Games hosting in Ghana

The 13th African Games, a multi-sport event featuring athletes from across the African continent, is currently underway in Ghana. Held every four years, this prestigious competition showcases the best of African athleticism. This year’s edition takes place across three cities – Accra, Kumasi, and Cape Coast.

African Games


After a dominant performance in the first week, Egypt stands tall atop the medal table. With a total of 84 medals, including an impressive 47 golds, they’ve established themselves as the team to beat. This follows their victory at the previous Games in Rabat, where they secured a staggering 260 medals.

While Egypt holds the lead, the competition is far from over. Nigeria trails closely behind in second place with 16 gold medals and 51 total. Their track and field athletes have been particularly impressive, with strong showings in the sprints, hurdles, and jumping events. Aminata Seyni, Nigeria’s reigning 100m champion, has successfully defended her title, while newcomer Udoh Gabriel caused an upset by winning the men’s 400m hurdles.

Algeria, currently sitting in third place, boasts a strong contingent in boxing and judo. Middleweight boxer Faouzi Nekrouf is undefeated so far, showcasing exceptional footwork and knockout power. Likewise, judoka Aicha Lachehab has dominated her weight class, securing three consecutive ippons (victories) in her matches.

african games

Senegal playing against Nigeria’s Flying Eagles. Source: Foto_Nugget

South Africa, rounding out the top contenders, has surprised audiences with their swimming prowess. Chad Le Clos, a multiple Olympic medallist, continues to reign supreme in the butterfly events, while youngster Erin Gallagher has emerged as a rising star in the breaststroke.

Beyond the established powers, several other African nations are making their presence felt. Kenya, known for its long-distance runners, has secured multiple medals in the marathon and steeplechase. Ethiopia, their neighbour, has displayed dominance in the middle-distance races, with their athletes consistently placing in the top three of the 800m and 1500m events.

The spirit of the African Games extends beyond the medal count. The camaraderie between athletes from different nations is a heart-warming spectacle. Pre-competition training sessions often see athletes from various countries sharing techniques and encouraging each other. The cultural exchange is equally vibrant, with evenings filled with traditional music and dance performances showcasing the rich diversity of the continent.

The 13th African Games will be concluded on March 23rd, with athletes across various disciplines vying for glory. The upcoming week promises thrilling competition as Egypt attempts to defend their lead, while other nations like Nigeria, Algeria, and South Africa fight for a higher position. This prestigious event serves as a springboard for African athletes on the world stage, while simultaneously fostering a sense of unity and cultural connection across the continent.

The closing ceremony promises to be a magnificent spectacle, a celebration of athletic achievement and African spirit. As the cauldron is extinguished, the focus will shift towards the 14th African Games, to be held in four years. 

The host nation is yet to be announced, but one thing is certain: the competition will be fierce, driven by the unwavering dedication of African athletes and the unwavering support of their nations. 

The future of African sports is bright, and the 13th Games in Ghana stand as a testament to the continent’s immense sporting potential. Here’s to the champions crowned, the records broken, and the unwavering spirit of sportsmanship that unites Africa.

By: Yahuza Bawage

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