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NFT marketplaces are the Amazon of non-fungible tokens, where amateur and expert NFT traders come together to buy, sell and bid for NFTs. NFTs are digital assets that represent artworks or utilities. 

They have use cases for the art industry and minor ones in food, real estate, law, entertainment, and hospitality.

Emsany is focused on authentic African, Afro-Caribbean, and Afro-American cross-chain NFTs. Their goal is to pioneer African NFTs and democratize African Art. 

While many Black NFT artists are making it big in the digital arts scene, they tend to do so through traditional marketplaces instead of an augmented, Black-focused NFT marketplace.

They seek to make African art universal and destroy borders that prevent artists from reaching a wider audience, thanks to a decentralized economy with a focus on the artist. 

Emsany works similar to other popular NFT marketplaces, such as OpenSea and Rarible. 

The NFT artist or buyer creates an account, and they can connect their crypto wallet or buy crypto through Emsany’s integration of Binance. Binance is a crypto exchange where users can spend fiat money to buy crypto.

NFTs have the advantage of bridging the gaps between Black artists and mainstream popularity. Many Black artists have struggled with the constant roadblocks imposed on them by traditional publishing methods, record labels, or gallery exhibitions. 

Since NFTs are digital, and their market is decentralized, there’s no one preventing a Black artist from becoming famous or wealthy through the sale of NFTs. Digital art traders will be drawn to its sales if the quality is good and the NFT is valuable. 

Africa is home to many talented artists with great potential, sources of inspiration, and many creative outlets such as painting, textile artwork, and sculpture. 

However, Africa’s contemporary art scene is still developing, and access to exhibitions for the average African can be expensive, let alone complex, due to prevalent racism.

They have a verification method to prove that the joining artists are African or possess African heritage. They also frequently congratulate buyers selling NFTs through their platform on Twitter.

Emsany is still a growing, specialized NFT marketplace. It’ll probably be a couple of months before they truly kick off, though they already possess a wide array of African NFT artists creating amazing pieces for sale.

African art collectors now have access to an outlet of investment opportunities and proof of support for their favorite African artists, offering an acceptable return of value to art and the artist.

In short, Emsany provides African artists equitable access to a platform designed for them and their art minted as NFTs.Learn more about Emsany here.

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