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The Forgotten List #2- 2022

Day #2 Of Gen B Magazine to showcase some showcase talent throughout Media, Creative and Advertising.

We do not believe there can possible be any ‘List’ of talent that does not include communities such as Black, African American, LGBTQ+, disABILITY, 50+, Religion and many others and therefore we will be highlighting talent across many communities over the next 6 days. Media and Advertising is a fantastic industry that IS making strives to become more diverse and welcoming to everyone – We believe this should be highlighted at any opportunity by Community and INDUSTRY press.

We also do not call any collection of talent ‘Top’ talent as we believe this is ‘impossible’ to say – therefore these lists will highlight many but certainly not even scratch the surface… This is NOT an extensive list but we hope it gives a window into the many impressive people that make up our industry.

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Shelley Bishton-

News UK, East London based, Shelley is a founding member and Co-Chair woman of News UK’s first employee-led network for Black, Asian and ethnic minority employees, the Cultural Diversity Network. Some other achievements by her would consist of Role Model Winner 2022 and being a Successful Media Representation Campaigner.

Dan Saxby-

The Elephant Room, here they believe that the best creative solutions come from ” a fresh prospective “. What other way to achieve this than to collaborate with talents of many different backgrounds, ages, influences, and experience. Not only to they work in advertising but firm belief in a “change with advertising”.

Caroline Forbes-

Clear Channel, With experience in the advertising and marketing industry Caroline is an Experienced Specialist Partner. As a strong business developmental partner you may find her working in Outdoor Advertising, Customer Insight, and Account Management.

Emma Cusdin-

Global Butterflies, Working with clients in the UK, Europe, US, Canada and Hong Kong, Global Butterflies assists with training and creative solutions, advice and support. Their mission is to ensure support of employees that are of trans or non-binary community.

Sulaiman Khan-

ThisAbility Limited, Established and Founded in 2016, being run by Sulaiman Khan who is apart of this community himself is on a mission as a Disability (and POC)-led justice business. To help socially conscious organizations focused on regeneration (beyond sustainability), technology, or design to diversify by going from ableism to Disability Liberation and integrating Disability Culture.

Chris Lynch-

disABILITY Advocate, A disABLED Filmmaker and presenter himself he has a drive for disABILITY and Inclusion. Not to foreget to mention his passion for filmmaking. Some of the work he has done may include the BBC’s ‘The Disability Paradox’.

Justin Cohen-

Jewish News, 17 years and counting with experience as a Journalist, news editor and publisher. started on work experience at Jewish News in 2001, He has gone on to interview the last four prime ministers, six leaders of the Opposition, three Archbishops of Canterbury and two Chief Rabbis as well as figures from Shimon Peres and Ellie Wiesel to Sir Tom Jones, Simon Cowell and Sarah Ferguson. He Also conducted the first and only Jewish media interview with Jeremy Corbyn.

Josh Rivers-

Busy Being Black, established back in 2018, life experiences and a to focus on his passion which maybe, a capacious interest in culture, amplifying the voices, talent and lived experiences of the queer Black community; and working towards a world where means, access and opportunity exist in abundance for those historically left behind.

Sam Shosanya-

Brand Advance Group, client lead and Brand Advance and makes sure the companies partners are properly representing the communities they aim to impact. Shosanya is also Co-Founder, Creative Director & Producer at Undiluted Media, a digital distribution company that focuses on fusing sports, creativity, and culture.

Efrain Ayala-

Rickitt, he Global Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Reckitt and is passionate creating societal impacts through Marketing. Ayala lead a marketing team that helped transform a company from the ground up in less than 12 months in 2020. Currently Ayala is focused on properly representing gender equality.

The Forgotten List 2022

GenB Magazine will be releasing a new list each day for the next 7 days to highlight a small section of the amazing diverse talent across the Media and Advertising Landscape.

We do not believe there can possible be any ‘List’ of talent that does not include communities such as Black, African American, LGBTQ+, disABILITY, 50+, Religion and many others and therefore we will be highlighting talent across many communities over the next 7 days. Media and Advertising is a fantastic industry that IS making strives to become more diverse and welcoming to everyone – We believe this should be highlighted at any opportunity by Community and INDUSTRY press.

We also do not call any collection of talent ‘Top’ talent as we believe this is ‘impossible’ to say – therefore these lists will highlight many but certainly not even scratch the surface… This is NOT an extensive list but we hope it gives a window into the many impressive people that make up our industry.

Feel free to use our suggestions Campaign Magazine 😉

Jay Richards-

Co-Founder Imagen Insights, with determination to help Gen Z to a well-rounded future. Enabling brands and agencies to Insights, Ideas, and Qualitative Feedback from Gen Z Community at a global scale within 72 hours. Community based in over 111 countries including the UK, US, EMEA and well – beyond.

Timothy Armoo-

Co-Founder Fanbytes, Started the company at just 21 years old back in 2017. A marketing company whilst in just his second year of Uni. Within 5 years his team grew to just under a 100 people working with the UK Government and other brands such as Samsung and Estee Lauder. In May of this year Fanbytes was acquired by global digital powerhouse Brainlabs in a landmark deal for the industry.

Deborah Harper-

Mindshare Partner, with over 20 years of experience developing and implementing strategies for Tech Brands, FMCG, Automotive, and Finance. Whilst working autonomously as an independent contributor also creating trusted relationships and navigating complex matrix’s. Harper also shares a particular interest in advancements in robotics, machine learning, and loT. More so specifically on how all three of these components come together and impacting media and marketing.

Christian Facey/ Wilfrid Obeng-

Audiomob, Focused and driven on creating flexible and brand-safe audio ad platform that is proven to elevate engagement for advertisers and revenue for publishers. Diversity and Inclusion is one the roots of the company helping to create environments that everyone can feel comfortable and be themselves whilst being treated with equal respect. Through Audiomob, has been built a mentoring programme for minority and general students aged 18-25 years old. Through mentoring, helping people navigate through difficult challenges and to take more opportunities and achieve societal change.

Masibu Manima-

Founder at T:C, Data and Digital Marketing Professional with over 10 years of experience in the Marketing Industry. With a high interest in helping businesses making culturally informed business decisions. Currently focused on helping brands having World Class Personalized and Nuanced Communications with their audiences.

Elizabeth Anyaegbuna-

Sixteenbynine Co-Founder, believing in image and sound is key. Telling stories from an authentic point of view makes storytelling stronger. Essentially they are Filmmakers. Working with product films, commercials, recruitment campaigns, and documentaries.

Jason Jarvis-

Clear Channel, 9 and counting experience as a Creative Account Manager. Some of his best atributes would consist of Ideation, Communication, and Creative Pitching. Working with Clients and Agencies to build successful advertising strategies. Some examples would be OOH, Print, Digital and Experimental Medias.

Emma Kwarteng-

OMD Unite, is a strategic planner who can assist in Consumer Analysis and trends. Her drive in the industry includes creative and Innovative Concepts for Brands, alongside strategic proposals. She has created some communication campaigns. A few examples would be France Televisions and Culture Presse.

Marvyn Harrison/ Jess Mally-

BELOVED Agency, founded in 2020. Their mission as A DEI and representation partnership, Working towards those workplaces are safe, fair, equitable, and truly diverse for people from all intersections of humanity.

Ete Davies-

Dentsu Creative, with over 20 years of experience. He also was one of the original co-founders of WeAreStripes and is the Founder of CultureHeros, Both with a drive and mission to create opportunities for Black Asian and Minority Ethnic talent also known as (BAME), across creative industries.

Alison Tabalba-

NatWest Group, over 10 years of experience with NatWest helping businesses and communities within the enterprise prioritize a force of change. Specifically geared towards those people who have face highest barriers and figuring out ways to eliminate them.

African Contemporary Art More Popular Than Ever

Contemporary African art tells stories of Africa by Africans and its corresponding diaspora.

In many ways, it’s rewriting history: telling things from the point of view of Africans, not just other countries, even those with good intentions.

An article released by the BBC stated that African art is enjoying a surge in interest.

For example, Sokari Douglas Camp is a Nigerian-born artist, one of the world’s most prominent sculptors, with work currently on display at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

Advances in cultural infrastructure, a larger number of museums and art galleries increase in art fairs and exhibitions, and the development of a wealthy class in Africa with the income to collect pieces of art have also contributed to the surge in popularity.

Africa is one of the fastest-growing consumer markets in the world, growing at a compound annual rate of 3.9% since 2010 and reaching $1.4 trillion in 2015.

Digitally, African art has also been promoted by Western platforms. Publishers and art galleries are making more attempts at diversifying their art.

Many of Camp’s sculptures sell for tens of thousands of pounds, and they’ve been attracting attention from individuals with deep pockets. 

Auction prices can also be higher than that, with reports of work by African artists fetching over £1m, and other works easily reaching £500,000, that a few years ago only fetched £10,15,000.

A painting by Ghanaian artist Amok Boafo sold for £3.4 million in Hong Kong at the end of 2021.

Even in Web3, African digital art’s popularity has increased among African artists. Emsany is an NFT marketplace for African and Afro art looking to enable and empower African arts.

Its estimated that by 2030, the largest consumer markets will include Nigeria, Egypt, and South Africa, with lucrative opportunities also present in Algeria, Angola, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Sudan, and Tanzania.

Ethiopia has been reported to be one of the fastest-growing economies in the world through the past decade, on top of one of the highest saving rates on the continent and reflecting a stable and secure consumer sentiment.

Higher exposure to African art also influences the consumer decisions of private collectors, helping boost prices. 

The more African art is placed in galleries, the more African artists, in general, can obtain from selling their pieces. Of course, that’s after the gallery takes its cut from the final sale price.

The pandemic has also been cited as one of the main reasons behind the purchases, as many investors chose to buy art to avoid keeping their savings cash. 

Online auctions have also assisted with the exposure of African artists. 

Still, it’s long before the art market in these countries sees a bigger explosion. 

A lack of government support for artists and a shortage of arts training keeps artists relegated to the upper echelons of African society, the middle and upper classes who have the time and income to learn and buy art.

Naila Art Gallery’s ‘Saudi Crafts’ exhibition reflects a changing nation

In honouring the 92nd Saudi National Day, Naila Art Gallery has put together the exhibition “Saudi Crafts,” bringing 30 studios, artists and artisanal brands to showcase their creative ventures.

Among prominent names in the Saudi art scene, artists such as Abdullah Hammas and Najla Al-Saleem, is May Hamdan, whose artworks merge traditional aspects and techniques with contemporary ones in her first exhibition. She has titled her work “Mader,” which is a combination of the two Arabic words for “past” and “present.”

For her growing series, currently featuring only two artworks, the artist makes use of the Kingdom’s traditional Sadu weaving technique alongside her signature contemporary, crystal-like resin elements.

Rashed Al-Debas is another artist incorporating resin along with string art in his work to create powerful portraits, claiming the work is the first of its kind globally. One of his portraits is a heartfelt tribute to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the late King Abdulaziz, reflecting the changes Saudi Arabia is experiencing now in contrast with the emerging nation it was nine decades ago.

“I chose this idea because we all see the crown prince as another version of King Abdulaziz in his qualities, determination, statesmanship and values. His character is a byproduct of his grandfather,” Al-Debas told Arab News.

While the execution took three to four hours a day for four weeks, it was worth it for the emerging artist to represent the country’s growth and express his patriotism.

National Day is an event cherished by every Saudi citizen and resident,” he said, reminiscing on how far the Kingdom has come over the years.

Artist Muneerah Al-Ogla’s work, meanwhile, is an homage to the Saudi woman. Bursting with shades of blue and green and featuring a young girl set against spiral shapes, with doves and palm trees looming above, the painting “symbolizes the things going on in a Saudi woman’s life,” said Al-Ogla.

“Regardless of what is happening in her life, she’s able to hold her head up and move past the struggles and set goals for herself,” the artist told Arab News.

In the two-piece oil painting, the dove symbolizes inner peace, Al-Ogla explained, signifying the subject’s ability to balance the difficulties of her past and reimagine a life for herself within the borders of the Kingdom.

This is our time as creatives in Saudi because the whole community now understands the importance of art. Now is the time for us to really deliver our creativity, as it takes on a role in reflecting the Kingdom’s image abroad, not just locally,” Al-Ogla said.

Catching the eye of visitors and fellow artists alike is Hams Muryh’s work, which aspires to document traditional Southern crafts. She incorporates Al-Haseer, a traditional hand-weaving technique using date palm leaves, and Al-Qatt Al-Asiri, a style of Saudi art that is usually painted by women in the southern region of the Kingdom.

“They are symbols of our southern authenticity. This is the culture we inherited,” Muryh told Arab News, explaining how she combined and tried to balance the different techniques to modern effect.

“Saudi Crafts” also brought together a number of local collective craft studios and designers, such as Desert Designs, Herfa Association, Sadu Tarha, Wuhah Studio and others.

Keramos Studio is a Saudi brand established by Morouj Al-Shatri that aims to revive the ancient craft of pottery-making in the region, inspired by elements of Islamic art, Saudi folklore and local heritage.

While both the brand name and clay are imported from European countries, Greece and Italy respectively, all the products are designed and made by Saudis using traditional Saudi styles such as Sadu, Al-Qatt, and Hijazi Rawashin.

Along with its products, the company also offers workshops in which it teaches the techniques behind its crafts all year round.

Saudi Scenes is an artwork and souvenir shop, offering a wide range of creations that are perfect for a special gift from home. From artwork collections to handmade pottery and jewelry, the shop proudly showcases its heritage.

In this particular exhibition, its articles of choice were hand-painted local and traditional imagery on Daf, a Middle Eastern frame drum made from authentic leather. The featured scenes are interpretations of traditional Saudi desert settings, such as tent celebrations, horse riding and the historic Diriyah wall.

“I transformed the Daf from a musical instrument into an art piece, adding an element of light from the back to showcase the details more beautifully on the canvas. In the daylight, it’s the original painting, and dim light during the night may give off different aesthetics,” featured artist Duaa Al-Badr said about the work.

Part-Lebanese Superstar Shakira Cut Ties With Gerard Piqué

Four months after calling it quits, Lebanese Colombian singer Shakira opened up about her break up with Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué.

In an interview with Elle Magazine; the singer said, “I’ve remained quiet and just tried to process it all,” “It’s hard to talk about it, especially because I’m still going through it, and because I’m in thee public eye and because our separation is not like a regular separation. And so it’s been tough not only for me, but also for my kids. Incredibly difficult.”

The singer have also said that she has paparazzi camping in front of her house.

“There’s not a place where I can hide from them with my kids, except for my own house,” she said. “We can’t take a walk in the park like a regular family or go have an ice cream or do any activity without paparazzi following us. So it’s hard.”

Shakira said that she has been trying to protect her two boys, Milan, 9, and Sasha, 7, but they still come across stories online or hear news from their friends at school that “affects them.”

“Sometimes I just feel like this is all a bad dream and that I’m going to wake up at some point,” she added. “But no, it’s real. And what’s also real is the disappointment to see something as sacred and as special as I thought was the relationship I had with my kids’ father and see that turned into something vulgarized and cheapened by the media.”

“And all of this while my dad has been in the ICU and I have been fighting on different fronts,” she said. “Like I said, this is probably the darkest hour of my life.”

Shakira and Piqué announced their split in June, amid a legal battle in Spain that saw the singer being accused of tax fraud.

Spanish prosecutors accused her of defrauding the Spanish tax office out of $15.5 million on income earned between 2012 and 2014.

Her defense lawyers said she moved to Spain full time only in 2015 and insist that her “conduct on tax matters has always been impeccable in all the countries she had to pay taxes.”

“It’s clear they wanted to go after that money no matter what,” said Shakira in the interview.

Shakira is the first Latin artist to be honoured at the Ivor Novello Awards for her contributions to song writing.

With a catalog of 145 songs, Shakira has sold over 80 million records, making her one of the best-selling music artists of all time. Forbest Colombia reported that as of 2018, she is the top-selling female Latin artist of all time.

She has received numerous awards including three Grammy Awards, twelve Latin Grammy Awards, four MTV Video Music Awards, seven Billboard Music Awards, thirty-nine Billboard Latin Music Awards, six Guinness World Records, and a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. She was named the Top Female Latin Artist of the Decade by Billboard twice.

American Idol’s Willie Spence Dies At Age 23


Willie Spence, a season 19 alum of American Idol, died at age 23.

The singer hit the rear of a tractor-trailer which stopped on the shoulder of Interstate 24 East near Chattanooga.

Spence was driving a Jeep Cherokee, which veered off the road. He was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the collision but nonetheless was pronounced dead at the scene. 

His cause of death was listed as “multi-system trauma due to motor vehicle accident,” as per an investigation by the Tennessee Highway Patrol, which is still underway.

American Idol stated Spence’s death in a tribute a couple of weeks ago. 

“We are devastated about the passing of our beloved ‘American Idol’ family member, Willie Spence.”

The post had a video from Spence’s audition.

“He was a true talent who lit up every room he entered and will be deeply missed. We send our condolences to his loved ones.”

Both drivers wore seatbelts, and the truck driver wasn’t injured, per the crash report.

Spence’s audition had him singing Rihanna’s “Diamonds,” aired in February 2021. Judge Lionel Richie called him an undeniable star from the beginning, and he proceeded to surprise judges consistently and became the runner-up.

The winner of that season was Chayce Beckham. During the “Idol” showdown finale, Spence sang Cynthia Erivo’s “Stand Up,” a song he’d surprised the judges with earlier in the season.

Judge Luke Bryan stated how they all loved that voice and where it came from, praising it as coming from God and from a soul within that he could find one day.

Luke Bryan also tweeted his thoughts on Spence’s passing:

Willie really did light up every room he walked into. He could change the mood instantly when he started singing.”

Idol alum Katherine McPhee, who performed a duet of Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli’s “The Prayer” with Spence on the show, mourned the loss of the rising star in her Instagram Story.

“Life is so unfair, and nothing is ever promised. God rest your soul, Willie. It was a pleasure to sing with you and to know you.”

McPhee also commented on Spence’s pinned Instagram post, lamenting the loss. 

Spence had told hosts Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie that his dream was to “reach the world” with his voice during his audition.

He added that he wished to win the Grammy one day, where he saw himself in five years.

Spence released a collection of singles and one EP, The Voice, in April 2021. His final single, “The Living Years”, with Briana Moir, was released in August. 

He was also set to perform at the Trinity Baptist Church in London, his first U.K. concert, on November 12.

Fans also mourned the loss of Spence, many of whom were also wowed by the young singer’s voice.

Who is KAYRANADA and how did he get famous


At age 24, Kaytranada is one of the most popular names in the beat-making industry, and a rising star in music production. 

One of his main draws as a producer is his grasp of a variety of genres. His primary inspirations are Afro-house and dances that came with African music, such as Logobi and Azonto.

He has already won two Grammy Awards, including Best Dance/Electronic Album, Junos and a Polaris Music Prize. 

Kaytranada is also one half of the hip hop duo The Celestials, along with his brother, Lou Phelps. 

But where did Kaytranada come from, and how did he make it so fast?

Louis Kevin Celestin hails from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. After he was born, his family relocated to Montreal, where he lived during most of his life.

Celestin began to DJ at the age of 14, and began to produce at age 15 when his brother introduced him to FL Studio.

He began his career under the name Kaytradamus in 2010, releasing two projects until he changed his name to Kaytranada in 2012.

He gained international recognition for producing an unofficial Janet Jackson remix, and after opening for two nights of Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour, one in Canada and another in the United States. 

He was signed with XL Recordings at age 21, and their label would release his new EP, the critically acclaimed 99.9% in 2016. 99.9% was praised as “soulfully retro”. 

Kaytranada also grew in popularity during a variety of widely distributed Boiler Room sets, one in Los Angeles, and another in Montréal. 

Boiler Room is synonymous with spontaneous DJ sets in an underground bunker, with a group of people grooving to the music until the sun rises. 

His sets became famous because of the phenomenal music, but also the quirky behaviors of the people participating in the videos.

In a reddit AMA for the r/electronicmusic sub, Kaytranada, under his user KAYTRALABOOM, spoke about his experience in one of the Boiler Room sets.

He stated how it was a fun experience, where all types of people from the city came through and no one knew it was going to be as crazy-looking as it did in the footage, with everyone drinking and dancing.

He expressed in the Q&A session that he makes his tracks on 108 BPM. He wants to work with many singers and rappers but has no dream collaborations, with the focus being mostly on his partner’s vibe.

Celestin also mentioned how he’s not the type of person who loves collaborating with producers, and that it mostly depends on if they’re into the same type of music.

In 2019, Kaytranada released Bubba, the album which won him the two Grammy Awards.

As for his most recent works, it was leaked on Apple Music that he’d feature on 2 songs of Lancey Foux’s album, LIFE IN HELL, to release on October 28th, 2022.

Kanye to purchase free speech app Parler


Kanye is to buy Parler, a controversial free speech app.

Parler is one of the so-called free-speech alternative apps, rivaling Twitter. Other similar apps include Gettr, Gab, and Truth Social.

The app was downloaded mostly by people who disliked the free-speech constraints on Facebook and Twitter.

The reaction to purchasing Parler came after Ye’s recent social media tirades in the beginning of October. It ended up with Ye posting posts considered anti-Semitic by most social media users. Thus, his Twitter and Instagram accounts were locked out.

Parler is popular among U.S conservatives and has raised around $56 million. The deal is expected to be closed around the fourth quarter of 2022, and values haven’t been disclosed.

Parler having fewer content rules than its contemporaries, has gotten it in hot water with tech giants. 

For example, after the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S Capitol by former Trump supporters, the app was taken off Apple Inc. and Google’s stores, accusing its parent company of not taking measures to prevent posts from inciting violence.

Amazon also temporarily stopped hosting the platform, taking it offline.

Some believe that Candace Owens, wife of Parler CEO George Farmer, persuaded Kanye to purchase the app. She might have wanted to cash out of Parler and convinced Ye to purchase the app.

Owens is an American conservative, author, political commentator and talk show host, notorious for being a pro-Trump activist as a black woman and criticizing Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Party.

It shouldn’t be surprise to anyone that Owens was behind the scenes in Parler’s current management. She’s promoted many conspiracy theories through social media, content that’s usually found disseminated through Parler.

Many conservative-leaning users of Twitter left the app upon feeling persecuted or harassed for their viewpoints and found Parler to be more welcoming due to the relative lack of liberal people when compared to conservatives. 

Due to Parler’s lack of a real moderation system, such as the ones used by Twitter or Facebook, it relies mostly on self-policing.

This has backfired in many ways beyond the Capitol riots, as there has been a lot of inappropriate and illegal content shared on the app.

What are the consequences of Kanye purchasing Parler?

The app has agreed to sell fully to Kanye West, but it’ll still receive technical support from Parliament Technologies, including access to its private cloud services and infrastructure. 

In other words, Ye bought the name but doesn’t own the platform, per se.

Tasha K to pay $4m to Cardi B over lawsuit


Tasha K and Cardi B have one of the most highly publicized defamation cases of the last couple of years, with both influencers ensuring their audiences were aware of the goings inside the courtroom.

Cardi B sued Tasha K, a known YouTube gossip blogger, accusing her of launching a malicious campaign to tarnish her reputation.

These included false statements involving drug use, sexual acts, and STDs. Supposedly, Latasha Kebe accused her of having sex with beer bottles.

This is not the first time Cardi has sued Tasha K, as back in 2019, she filed a case about Kebe’s claims of Cardi being involved in prostitution, doing hard drugs, and cheating on her husband.

Tasha K had responded by countersuing Cardi B, originally seeking $1 million in damages and claiming that Cardi B lied on social media.

The 2019 case was seen in Georgia Federal court earlier this year. Tasha K called it extremely prejudicial and refused to take down the defamatory posts that got her in trouble in the first place.

This only motivated Cardi’s fans to send death threats to Tasha K.

A jury had sided with Cardi in January, finding Tasha K liable for defamation, invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

At the time, Cardi was awarded $2.5 million in damages and an additional $1.3 million in legal fees.

As for her part, Tasha K has attempted to pause the judgment while appealing the verdict. She argued that the jury trial was lopsided and accused the court of withdrawing details from the jury.

Cardi B’s attorney, Lisa F. Moore, stated, “During the litigation, Kebe bragged publicly that she had taken steps to insulate herself from a judgment. And there have been recent online reports that Kebe has moved from Georgia to avoid enforcement of the judgment.”

Tasha K was criticized for her brash behavior. Ignoring a judge’s orders with the consent given by mutual parties could end her in jail or fined $50,000 and up to a year in jail.

She posted a video on her YouTube channel, “Tasha K’s Official Statement on The Verdict”, and she called the case a conspiracy trying to bully her for not wavering from her personal beliefs.

In recent times, Cardi B’s attorney requested Tasha K to pay the sum of $4 million awarded to Cardi as part of the case, ordered by Judge William M. Ray.

Judge William M. Ray stated he’d consider a pause if Tasha K could secure a supersedes bond covering the full amount.

Tasha K’s YouTube vlog is titled unWinewithTashaK.

Should Tasha K not obtain the private bond to delay the payout before the appeal process, the amount will be forwarded to Cardi. The lawyers requested the bond in case Tasha K might avoid paying up.


Eminem announces 8 mile deluxe edition in commemoration of its 20th anniversary


After twenty years after the release of his 8 Mile soundtrack, rapper Eminem has decided to drop a deluxe edition to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the classic movie and its accompanying album.

The Detroit rapper made this public on social media on Wednesday the 26th alongside a series of cuts of the 2002 rap-centered movie. “I’m still standing here screaming ‘f*** the Free World,” Em tweeted, referencing his line from the movie. “#8Mile 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of the soundtrack drops on streaming Friday!

The semi-autobiographical movie directed by Curtis Hanson and written by Scott Silver stars Eminem as Jimmy Smith Rabbit, an aspiring rapper trying to make a name for himself in the bustling underground Detroit music scene. The film is partly a storyline of Eminem’s early career days as a white rapper attempting to go into hip-hop, a music genre dominated by African-Americans. The film stars others acts like Mekhi Phifer, Michael Shannon, Brittany Murphy, Anthony Mackie, and Kim Bassinger. The movie opened at No. 1 in the US with $51.3 million grossed in its opening weekend and $24.9 million worldwide.

The original version of the album 8 Mile Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture was released on October 29 alongside the movie. The album features tracks from 50 Cent, Nas, Jay Z, Rakim, and Gang Starr and spawned Eminem’s hit single Lose Yourself which became the first rap song to win Best Original Song at the 2003 Oscars and Best Male Solo Rap Performance at the 2004 Grammy Awards. It also earned Eminem his first No. 1 debut on the Billboard Hot 100.

8 Mile isn’t the only Eminem project marking a milestone this year. His phenomenal third album, The Eminem Show also turned 20 this year. Shady by releasing an expanded version featuring new songs like the Ja Rille Diss song Bump Heads with 50 Cent, Tony Yayo and Llyod Banks.

The deluxe version of 8 Mile is set to drop to the public ears on October 28, 2022