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Israel Adesanya knockouts Alex Pereira at UFC 287. The event was a momentous occasion for fans of mixed martial arts (MMA) around the world. Adesanya, who currently holds the UFC middleweight title, defeated Pereira in a highly anticipated rematch that had been brewing for years.

The rivalry between Adesanya and Pereira dates back to their days as kickboxers. The two fighters first met in the ring in 2016, with Pereira emerging as the victor.

However, Adesanya was determined to even the score, and the two met again in 2017. This time, Adesanya was the one who came out on top, winning by unanimous decision. The two fighters have continued to compete in their respective disciplines, with Adesanya transitioning to MMA and Pereira remaining a kickboxing champion.

Despite their different paths, the rivalry between them has remained alive and well. Their recent rematch was eagerly anticipated by fans, as many were curious to see if Adesanya could once again emerge victorious.

The two fighters put on an entertaining show, with Adesanya showing off his signature striking skills and Pereira displaying his own impressive technique. In the end, it was Adesanya who emerged as the winner, taking the victory by Knockout.

The win solidifies Adesanya’s position as one of the top fighters in the UFC, and it also puts to rest any doubts about his ability to compete against one of his most formidable rivals.

While the rivalry between Adesanya and Pereira may have ended for now, it’s clear that these two fighters have a healthy respect for each other’s abilities. MMA fans will undoubtedly continue to watch both of these fighters with great interest, and who knows – perhaps another rematch is in the cards down the line.

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