You really want to flog us when we talk of gatekeeping, but this Jesy Nelson video is a prime example as to why the race war is always a trending topic. After watching the promotion for this video, which included questionable shake-and-go wigs, Grillz and low riders – it brought me to question: How far will Jesy Nelson go with the audacity?

So, through a sample of P-Diddy’s Bad Boys For Life – while adding her own spin with emphasis on the “Z” and her love for “Bad Boyz,” the video includes the US suburban life and Jesy moving into the neighbourhood while announcing she’s here for the “Bad Boyz”. 

Lyrics include: “Got a little attitude, but I think he’s kinda cute

So hood, so good, so damn taboo”

Is Jesy aware that the Bad Boyz she speaks of have at large been incarcerated for baggy jeans, vehicle “stop and searches”, and this “so hood” attitude she’s looking for?

I think the most unsettling scene for me was the car scene, in which Jesy does a dance number amongst “Crip/Blood” member male dancers – the branded “bad boyz”. A few wave baseball bats out the drop-top, while others throw up non-existent gang signs – perhaps the official gang sign for cultural appropriators?

Did fans spot the Christina Aguilera “Dirty” video wig? Yeah, I definitely did. For those wondering, that video dropped in 2002, and since then, we have openly voiced how it left a shite taste in our mouths when Christina did it; so we definitely didn’t need a reminder of it, Jesy. 

In one scene we see Jesy take a leaf from the book of Gwen Stefani and have her own Harajuku-esque friend. The less said about that..the better.

The use of the word “taboo” when describing her dream man is incredibly unsettling. While also incredibly insensitive in the use of the phrase “hood”. I dare not speak on what exactly her team’s mood board looked like when planning this Black ghetto cosplay video. 

 I’m not too aware of Jesy’s cultural heritage, but a quick Google search has led me to question whether it was in best taste for the former Little Mix member to wear a deep wave wig, grills – and let’s not forget her darker complexion, for this video. It was giving Black cosplay in the worst sort of taste. 

This is clearly Jesy and teams attempt to cultivate a Black audience, hints that were further confirmed in this video when Nicki Minaj gave the seal of approval with a “bestie” co-sign. Let’s not forget the wave from P- Diddy himself in the video – further giving “we as the black community co-sign this message” -yuck!. 

The Jesy Nelson “Boyz” video exemplifies everything, Black Girl Magic stands for (hair beads, big hair, braids) without the key opponent – I’ll leave you to figure out what that is.

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