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Kendrick dropped the most highly anticipated album of 2022 with “Mr. Morale Man & The Big Steppers”. With that came music filled with substance that we all had to dig into. One of those tracks was “We Cry Together” featuring Taylour Paige. So it’s fitting that Kendrick has given us a short film for it.

On the first listen of “We Cry Together” you can instantly draw parallels to some of the Hip-Hop legend Eminem’s earlier work on songs like “Kim” and “Guilty Conscious” for example. The toxicity is thick in this one as Kendrick gives us an uncut look at a day in the life of an unhealthy couple.

The video is quite simply jaw-dropping. It feels like a live play that we are watching unfold in front of our very eyes. Early in the morning, just before Taylour has to go to work, Kendrick hears her complaining about things. He decides he’s had enough and confronts her, and all hell breaks loose!

Taylour returns Kendrick’s energy to him tenfold. All of their piled-up issues are brought to the table. It feels as if they were both holding a lot of stuff in, which is very unhealthy. In a good relationship dealing with inevitable issues as soon as possible can save a lot of heartbreak and time.

The couple argues for what feels like hours on end, saying some of the most disrespectful stuff imaginable. It’s like they’re trying to say the most hurtful things they can think of to get the other one in their feelings more. The argument starts as something real, but turns into some silly contest with them saying anything to win. Ironically at the end of the day, if the person that should love you is trying to tear you down the most, you both really lose.

The video is so raw everything feels real! It’s noticeable that a few of the lyrics from the original song have been changed. Emotions are running wild, so if something else comes out in the moment, they just decide to go with it.

In the third verse, the two go into deeper discussions rather than petty insults. Taylour unleashes her hatred for Kendrick’s misogynistic ways, how he never really wants to see her happy unless he’s in control and how men like him cause so many problems in the world. Kendrick hits back by getting at her for pretending to stand for equality and women’s power only when it suits her agenda like so many other women, but when it doesn’t, they all couldn’t care less.

In the end, after all the fighting and fussing, the couple finds themselves strongly lusting after one another. In a sick, twisted way the arguing turned them both on. At a snap of the finger, they go from fighting to f*cking. It’s surprising that YouTube allows some of this to go out, but I guess when you’re Kung Fu Kenny you play by your own rules.

“We Cry Together” is the perfect depiction of what a toxic relationship looks like. One moment you hate each other’s guts, and the next moment he’s in your guts. It’s crazy, but some people actually live like this. All the animosity gives them a sick thrill and makes them feel alive. Kendrick and Taylour do a phenomenal job at painting that toxic picture in the captivating “We Cry Together” short film.

Words by Aaron Adade

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