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American rapper, Kid Cudi has reacted to the reviews of his new movie Entergalactic on Rotten Tomatoes. The animated Rom-com has received a 96% rating on the movie and TV show review application.

The artist went on Twitter to express his excitement: “IDK I think they love it!! Are we certified fresh or what?? Haha I think it’s time,” he wrote in a tweet alongside a screenshot of a 96% Tomatometer rating.

Entergalactic was released on September 30th the same day as his 1oth studio album of the same name which doubles as the soundtrack to the new series. He told Zane Lowe that Entergalactic could very well be the last Cudi album for a while because of how many other creative avenues he’s involved in.

Set in bustling New York City, Entergalactic features Cudi as an up-and-coming graffiti artist named Jabari who tries to balance success and love when he moves into his dream Manhattan apartment and falls for his next-door neighbour Meadow, a photographer. Despite their magnetic attraction to each other and smooth connection neither Jabari nor Meadow think they are in a right place to pursue a relationship. They both struggle to find out if what they share is beyond the physical and worth pursuing. The movie also features scenes of his ex who is trying to come back into his life after discovering he made a hit with a new gig.

The voice cast includes a wide array of industry personalities like Jessica Williams, TY Dolla Sign, Vanessa Hudgens, Teyana Taylor, Arturo Castro, Jaden Smith, Christopher Abbott, Keth David, Macaulay Culkin, Laura Harrier, and 070 Shake.

According to Kid Cudi, the project has been three years in the making. Earlier this year, he teased the project saying: “I am so f*ckin’ proud of this show,” he shared at the time. “U have no idea what ur in for. 3 years in the making. ENTERGALACTIC is the greatest piece of art we’ve ever made.”

Different movie critics on Rotten Tomatoes have had a lot of good things to say about the animated rom-com. “Through and through a vibes experience, an opportunity to escape into a fantasy of being young, beautiful, talented, and free to, as Kid Cudi sings on one track, “do what I want,” Critic Liz Shannon wrote. “A celebration of human connection…” another user added.

As his new movie gets good ratings, Kid Cudi is spending time penning his life story in an upcoming memoir. The Ohio native opened up in a tweet last month that he’s started writing the first chapter of his biography, which he said will explain his “troubled boy” beginnings.

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