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Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Kwabs has shared his newest standalone single, “Hurt A Little.”

The song’s lyrics describe Kwabs’ difficulties navigating the music industry. His personal journey is conveyed through raw emotion and mesmerizing melodies. 

Listen to Kwabs’ “Hurt A Little” here.

To most of the world, it seemed like Kwabs vanished from mainstream music after the success of “Walk”. The 32-year-old singer was internationally praised once he released his debut record (Love + War) in 2015.

His debut record (Love + War) from 2015 was also internationally praised.

While he was actively releasing music, Kwabs earned worldwide fame. Sam Smith even asked him to support them on their 2016 European tour, and many other artists and groups requested him to collaborate.

Then, he seemed to disappear, only to return with a song providing context on what he experienced in the last few years.

Hurt A Little was written with Sam Dixon and its potent lyrics speak on an issue many musicians also face, yet few dare to mention openly.

The pressures of the industry were affecting Kwabs’ creative process, and he couldn’t keep hurting himself whilst doing something he loved. He was physically and emotionally in pain from an industry that constantly limits its artists in favor of business.

When speaking about the single, Kwabs states how “Hurt A Little” is one of the few songs recorded for his second album that he felt comfortable listening to after disconnecting from music. He elaborated, claiming he didn’t listen to music for years.

The clash of business and art is one of the problems, while the other is the industry’s unforgiving nature, especially when giving artists creative freedom or respite from entertainment.

Kwabs elaborates:

“My decision to leave was part of a wider philosophy and part of my life story. It runs deeper than what happened during the time I was an active artist.”

Regarding his future in music, Kwabs didn’t provide a clear answer. He wants to be well enough to return to performing forever but has no clear answer on when that could be, and thankfully his priority is himself right now.

Kwabs’s career seemed to be going straight for stardom, but he decided to choose himself to regain his health and happiness. Through “Hurt A Little,” he speaks about his story and emotions experienced during his soul searching.

Kwabena Sarkodee Adjepong is better known for his international hit “Walk”, released in 2014. Kwabs was born in London to Ghanaian parents and was introduced to the National Youth Jazz Orchestra by teacher Xanthe Sarr.

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