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Rihanna has been making headlines with her baby bump since she announced her pregnancy in January. The singer, actress, fashion designer, and businesswoman has been showing off that she can still walk on carpet while still pregnant.

At the recently concluded Milan Fashion Week, Rihanna was seen in company with her boyfriend A$AP Rocky,33, stepping in the mural pink room that was hosting the annual fashion show.

With her baby bump at the center of attention, the Grammy winner chanted her pregnancy into a total fashion show. The 34-year old singer brings her fashion A-game as she steps out with her boyfriend at the Gucci runway show during Milan Fashion Week.

Rihanna and her boyfriend at Milan Fashion Show

Rihanna who is expecting her first child with her boyfriend, bared her baby bump in a black latex crop top that she paired with an Egyptian-style headdress, statement necklaces and a lavender fur coat.

Asked why she looks stylish and happy, the beauty and fashion mogul said that pregnancy is nine months long and that you only have to enjoy it.

“I am trying to enjoy it as much as I can and fashion is my favorite thing.”

Rihanna’s photographs with her baby bump were shared all over the internet over the last one month since the couple announced that they expecting their first child. She has always been a style trailblazer and is now elegantly redefining what it means to be pregnant and still enjoy fashion, her favorite thing.

“It can be uncomfortable at a time so you can dress the part and pretend”, said the singer and fashion mogul.

This musical duo filled with a baby on the way look very happy as they were walking arms in arms. Rihanna has always wanted to be a mother and said that her husband A$AP Rocky is going to be the best dad.

Rihanna’s Fashion Week Must Have Jewelry

“I am just excited with what I don’t know yet. Everything is new to me,” said A$AP Rocky.

Asked what has been loving with the pregnancy, Rihanna said that it is an exciting journey so far and that she is just taking in it as it comes every week.

Since announcing her pregnancy Rihanna’s fans all over the world have been worrying that since she is soon going to be a mother, music is going to take a backseat.

She reassured her fans: “Yes you will still getting music from me, there is nothing to worry about”.

The 34-year-old singer was wearing a large purple fur coat, a black leather and lace crop that stopped right above the bump.

Rihanna look at the Milan Fashion Week follows a string of maternity styles as she has been seen in stunning looks over the last couple of weeks.

Rihanna wearing a large purple fur coat

Rihanna wearing a large purple fur coat

Her fans have celebrated the news of her pregnancy with social media challenges while dressing for her glowing bump.

Rihanna is changing the game with maternity fashion and has been showing that dressing up with the baby bump can be fashionable.

“It is a challenge that I enjoy and the funny part is figuring out what fits and go from there.”

Asked about the inspiration behind her look, Rihanna said that she just want to wear something as if she was not pregnant.

“What I would wear and enjoy. It was fun to be able to wear in this kind of all flashy way. It was cold as hell but we got it done”.

Before the Milan Fashion Week, Rihanna was joined by her boyfriend at the Fenty event both having the look of love while posing for photographers. Rihanna said that her pregnancy was hard to keep it as a secret.

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