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Being Black British usually means you might face many hurdles in the music industry when trying to launch as a musician, producer, or songwriter.

A music administration business for Black British people by Black British people is necessary to reduce obstacles for African, Afro-Caribbean, and Black British rising stars.

The Jamaican Shauni Caballero has set out to create such a project. Even after working for big names in the industry, she struggled to get a publishing job.

She was known for years as a girl who advised creators on how to make money from their music, even major artists who didn’t have a PRS or PPL account.

Instead of job hunting, she began her own company and hasn’t looked back.

She’s the founder of TheGo2Agency, a bespoke rights management and royalty administration company. 

“For the artist, by the artist” is the tagline you’ll read upon reaching TheGo2Agency’s website, giving you a general idea of their modus operandi with musicians seeking their services.

Caballero is changing the business in London with her objective to eradicate bad business practices and enforce change. 

Their named services include licensing, collecting, and distributing royalties for composers and songwriters.

Their innovative royalty collection platform allows them to streamline royalty income through meticulous monitoring, supervision, and reporting of an artist’s music works.

Their royalty administration services are marketed towards fledgling artists and producers or record labels with a full roster of clients.

They offer full quarterly administration, set up your company and/or client’s accounts, register, monitor, and clarify unpaid royalties.

Shauni Caballero wants to impact the industry by educating on royalties and publishing, and then go to Jamaica and Nigeria to help educate their music communities. 

There are some glaring copyright issues in Jamaica, and she was in talks with executives over there back in 2020.

She wrote her first book, a quick Guide 2 Music Royalties.

She’s set to launch an initiative, “Mothers in Music,” to change the environment for mothers in the music production industry. In 2021, she was inducted onto the Roll of Honor at Music week’s Women in Music Awards

As a single mom, she expressed struggles while pregnant and working on consultancy gigs, as it could be seen as concerning by some clients.

She was essential for the success of Black music acts in Britain: Digga D, M Huncho, Central Cee, and many others listed on TheGo2Agency’s website.

If you’re interested in their services, you can learn more about TheGo2Agency here.

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