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This year’s summer has seen the release of some of the best hip-hop music of the year so far. As the last quarter of the year begins, these hot new releases haven’t stopped flowing in. From Freddie Gibbs and Moneybagg Yo-assisted Too Much to NLE Choppa’s Little Miss, Lil Baby’s continued summer reign with Detox and DJ Drama’s comeback on I Ain’t Gon Hold Ya with Jeezy, we take you through the best new releases of this weekend.

Freddie Gibbs feat. Moneybagg Yo – Too Much

Beginning our list is Indiana rapper, Freddie Gibbs’s latest drop with Moneybagg Yo on Too Much. The rapper released the single on Friday alongside the release date of his highly anticipated album, $oul $old $eparately($$$) which is set to drop on September 30th.

In the track, Freddie Gibbs brags about his expensive lifestyle with Moneybagg Yo taking the second verse in the same style. The accompanying video of the song pays homage to classic heist films along the lines of the Ocean’s series as Gibbs makes his escapade in a casino.

Lil Baby – Detox

Lil Baby had declared on his Instagram page “this summer mines” and no doubt it has been a great summer for the rapper. From featuring in DJ Khaled’s God Did album twice including the Bee Gees insinuation, Staying Alive with Drake, and teaming up with Travis Scott and Nav on Never Sleep, the Atlanta artiste is here to continue his summer reign with a new hit single, Detox.

In the track, Lil Baby raps about not wanting to see a girl because he’s trying to ‘Detox’ from her never-ending demands. He also delivers boastful lyrics on his designer outfit and cars over the Nick Pap-produced beats.

NLE Choppa – Little Miss

NLE Choppa speaks to the ladies on Little Miss. There has been a growing trend of ladies posting memes and jokes with the ‘Little Miss’ animation and Choppa is here to address this. He raps about ladies acting like they got it all together but amidst the makeup, there is so much trauma going on.

In the pre-chorus, he chants “little Miss this, little miss that, little miss emotional damaged, but don’t let nobody fix that (Nobody fix that) Little miss be overthinkin’, little miss be overdrinkin.” He also went ahead to encourage the ladies saying things are going to get better but there is a condition though; only if they “keep f*cking with him.”

Kay Flock feat. Set Da Trend – DOA

Kay Flock came through with a hard drill rap tune featuring fellow Bronx artiste, Set Da Trend on DOA. On the track, it seems like he’s throwing shots and telling some people to watch their backs.

Flock has been at the center of a heated and controversial homicide case since his arrest in December of 2021. The controversies have loomed large over the Bronx rapper since the news broke, clouding the fact that he is one of the most promising rappers to hail from New York in the past few years. With the hard-hitting delivery of drill and street rap on DOA, Flock is here to recenter the narrative about his music.

Cam’ron & A-Trak – All I Really Wanted

Almost a decade after first teasing a full-length collaboration, Cam’ron and A-Trak return with All I Really Wanted, the soulful lead single from their newly announced joint album U Wasn’t There set to drop September 23.

The song follows 90’s classic R&B beats with enchanting vocals in the chorus. Cam’ron reminisces on his childhood moments in verse 1 making a musical gesture to A-Trak. He raps about completing his bucket list by the time he turned 30 and how wolves be watching his lifestyle when all he really wanted was “money, class, clothes, hood, respect.”

DJ Drama & Jeezy – I Aint Gon Hold Ya

For decades DJ Drama’s ad-libs and curation have served as the backdrop for artists ranging from Gucci Mane and Three 6 Mafia to Fabolous and Lil Wayne including his work on Tyler the Creator’s Call Me if You Get Lost which propelled him to stardom.

This time DJ Drama is “bacc at it” with a new track with American rapper Jeezy titled I Ain’t Gon Hold Ya. The Trap or Die collaborators elevate beyond the streets with straight mogul talk. DJ Drama begins with a hype jingle in the beginning: “We talking quality sh*t music, we the originators.” The accompanying video sees them on full display with expensive cars and designer wears.

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