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Belgian Musician, Stromae, opens up about his struggle with mental health on the single ‘L’enfer’, revealing he has previously experienced suicidal thoughts. 

The ‘Papaoutai’ singer, known for his lyrical candour and honest commentary on emotions, released the piano-led track on January 9th. 

The single was previewed on the French television channelTF1. And, during the interview and before his live performance, Stromae expressed that he approaches music the way he approaches life, by addressing negative and positive feelings in equal measure. He said, “People often define my songs as ones with joyful music and themes that are a little darker, a little sadder. It’s how I see life. There is no high without low, there is no low without high. That’s life.” 

Stromae © Michael Ferire

The track remains candid throughout, featuring lyrics that directly address his suicidal and intrusive thoughts, including, “I’ve considered suicide a few times and I’m not proud of it // Sometimes you feel it’d be the only way to silence them // All these thoughts putting me through hell // All these thoughts putting me through hell.” 

L’enfer is Stromae’s second offering from his upcoming third studio album, Multitude. The album, which is due for release in March, will be his first full-length offering in over eight years. 

You can visit Stromae’s official website to pre-order the album or listen to ‘L’enfer’ here.


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