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Gen B would like start today’s piece with A warm “Thank you!”; to all of the readers and hope you are enjoying! Needless to say, here we are at Day #4 Of Gen B Magazine to showcase some talent throughout Media, Creative and Advertising.

We do not believe there can possible be any ‘List’ of talent that does not include communities such as Black, African American, LGBTQ+, disABILITY, 50+, Religion and many others and therefore we will be highlighting talent across many communities over the next 2 days. Media and Advertising is a fantastic industry that IS making strives to become more diverse and welcoming to everyone – We believe this should be highlighted at any opportunity by Community and INDUSTRY press.

We also do not call any collection of talent ‘Top’ talent as we believe this is ‘impossible’ to say – therefore these lists will highlight many but certainly not even scratch the surface… This is NOT an extensive list but we hope it gives a window into the many impressive people that make up our industry.

Feel free to use our suggestions Campaign Magazine !!

Amran Abdi aka Amzy OBR-

Amzy is a 24-year old who defied all the odds has been chosen to be one of a handful of people in the UK to be Adobe new ambassador 2021 in which she speaks out in black history month to inspire other young people saying ‘If I can do it, you can too. Amzy represents the epitome of the new generation of talented photographers who seek to vocalise the deep layers of culture, history and social impact within youth culture and popular culture. Recently featured on the front cover of GUAP Magazine, listed as 30 under 30 creatives.

Akua Agyemfra-

Branding executive Akua Agyemfra, behind some of Britain’s biggest artists like artist Stormzy has made a huge impact. Akua has been working on projects with the Premier League—often described as ‘the biggest league in the world’—while Spotify UK has solicited her expertise for their events, all following on from 10 years at Adidas. From personal branding to managing the outlook of global powerhouses, Agyemfra specialises in turning ideas into reality and making sure those ideas make sense in the bigger picture, with a particular love for the crossover between music and sport.

Maria McDowell-

Maria McDowell, with 20 years of experience project management, is the founder of Lollipop Mentoring CIC, a mentoring initiative which recruits and matches young professional Black women with senior mentors. She is on the board and acts as head of mentorship for Brixton Finishing School. She mentors students, recruits mentors and develops a learning schedule for both mentors and mentees.

Mitchelle Fasanya-

Mitchelle Fasanya is the CEO & Founder of Searchland, the all-in-one property and planning data platform to help you streamline your workflow and maximise your portfolio. Mitchelle is also the CTO of Fanbytes, leading the technical and product vision for Fanbytes. Starting at a young age, Mitchell built and sold a data analytics company Jsonwhois at 19 years old after tinkering with computers since 11.

Ambrose Cooke-

Ambrose Cooke is the COO & Co-founder at Fanbytes, one of the UK’s leading social media and influencer marketing agencies, helping brands to engage Gen- Z in the most interactive ways out there. Ambrose and his team specializ in TikTok (building Europe’s first ever TikTok Creator House), Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat, we’ve delivered scroll-stopping campaigns for the likes of Burger King, H&M, Samsung, Deliveroo, Clinique, Vestiaire Collective, McVitie’s, Ubisoft and Universal Music Group. Ambrose has been featured in Forbes, The Times, and The Daily Mail, the award winning platform has gone on to help brands like Deliveroo, Apple Music, and even The Government to win the hearts of Gen Z on popular social platforms like Tiktok and Snapchat.

Shanice Mears-

Shanice Mears is the Co-Founder and Head of Talent for The Elephant Room, an advertising agency building inclusive and diverse brands through collaborating with talent from different backgrounds, ages, influences and experiences. She is also abassador and creator of Girls Let’s Talk; built by connectivity and learning from each others experiences. Girls Let’s Talk facilitates access to opportunities for women through partnering with global businesses to connect them with female talent to increase the representation of women in the workplace. Shanice has been a part of hosting events across London, engaging with over 500 young women, and helping them build relationships with each other. She is a A multifaceted young creative and a future leader.

Toren Williams-

Toren Williams is a Generation Z Black Female perceptive in Diversity & Inclusion working in Partnership Coordinatation at an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion consultancy. Toren is also a volunteer at Restless Development, a leading international development charity that works with young people across Africa and Asia to make lasting change in their communities and countries. Toren was one of the 50 UK volunteers who took part on an 11-week project in Uganda in February 2020, with the aim to help create greater awareness about sexual health issues within a rural Ugandan community.

Rich Miles-

Rich Miles is the Founder of The Diversity Standards Collective, an agency that creates work featuring diverse communities, including people from those communities as part of the production process, creating dynamic content, making sure it’s authentic. He is a D&I specialist and Creative Director at Therapy Agency, part of a silo free, multi-disciplinary communications team dedicated to driving business growth through exceptional strategic thinking and outstanding creativity as well. Rich is also a board member of Outvertising, a not-for-profit LGBTQIA+ advertising and marketing, advocacy group.

Shane MacRory-

Shane MacRoy, with over 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, and managment, is the senior media consultant for a diversity media firm by the name of DECiA. He works on mending campaign ideas to ensure they are authentic and diverse to appeal to underrepresented audiences at scale. DECiA is about moving from awareness to brand action, ensuring that DECA is applied throughout media and business processes.Shane has a well developed world view having lived and worked in Australia, KSA and China.

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