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Following the release of his fifth studio album, Dawn FM, The Weeknd has announced that the record is part of an album trilogy. 

‘Dawn FM’ was released on January 7th and has received an overwhelmingly positive response, including a rave review from Pitchfork, which referred to the record as the “project of his career.”

The 2022 release acted as a follow-up to the ‘Starboy’ singer’s 2020 album ‘After Hours’. And, on 11th January, The Weeknd took to Twitter to reveal that Dawn FM will be part of a three-album project.

The Weeknd Album Artwork

Writing to his 15.4 million followers, The Weeknd posted an image of Dawn FM’s album artwork alongside the caption, “I wonder… did you know you’re experiencing a new trilogy?” And, the revelation excited fans across the world as it confirmed that the singer will soon release a sixth full-length record.

While The Weeknd is yet to announce any further details or confirm which projects will be part of the trilogy, fans speculate that ‘After Hours’ was the first instalment, leaving only one more album to come.

With Dawn FM receiving more than 60 million streams within 24 hours of its release and featuring contributors from A-list guests Tyler the Creator, Lil Wayne, Quincy Jones and Jim Carrey, its successor is sure to offer a compelling experience.


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