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Tokischa, que’ lo’ que’, yo quiero un culo nuevo

Tokischa and Madonna had been previously seen kissing and making out at several high-profile events. Clad in Tom Ford, Dominican singer Tokischa Peralta was seen sharing an intimate moment with the Queen of Pop at New York Fashion Week.

The official music video of Hung Up on Tokischa, a remix of Madonna’s classic song “Hung Up” has premiered. Visuals were directed by Sasha Kasiuha.

Snippets had been shared in the past few days, including pictures of both Madonna and Tokischa kissing, licking their tongues and clips of Tokischa’s participation in the prestigious NYFW, modeling for Teen Vogue, and partying in New York.

The collaboration was announced with a live performance by the duo at Madonna’s Pride, event at Terminal 5 in New York. The event celebrated her career-spanning collection Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones. The release of the remix collaboration of the Hung Up dance hit released in 2005 is part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the album “Erotica”. Madonna will soon release a limited edition vinyl.

Some critics praised Madonna’s decision of playing with her classics with new artists, With the message “We are bad girls”, Madonna announced her oncoming collaboration with the Dominican artist. 

Likewise, Tokischa shared reels of the music video on her account @tokischa.popola, which has over 1.7 million followers and nearly a hundred thousand likes.

Fans of Tokischa were pleased with her unapologetic lyrics and also applauded Madonna’s constant reinvention, which has been a big part of her modus operandi as a singer.

Many have called the song the beginning of Madonna’s “Motomami” era, referencing Catalan female singer La Rosalía’s attempts to latinize her music in the past few years.

On the other hand, critics expressed distaste at the collaboration, with a group calling Madonna a “white culture vulture” or insulting her by comparing her appearance in the video with that of a vampire.

Madonna spilled the beans on the production of the Hung Up remix with Stuart Price on the Song Exploder podcast, providing fans with an insight on the creative process of the track.

Supposedly, police had to arrive to the Washington Height neighborhood to bring order during the filming of the “Hung Up” music video, after neighbors complained about the high volume of the music.

Tokischa opened up about her constant appearances with Madonna in the program “Despierta America”, that she and Madonna have a great professional relationship, and that they also “like each other”.


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