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Dave – My 24th Birthday

Even though it was his birthday in June, Santan Dave gave us the best present on his special day. He dropped a new tune titled “My 24th birthday”. Dave specialises in long reflection mode with tracks within the 6 – 10 minute range. Following his song, “My 19th Birthday”, it certainly came out of the blue but I’m certainly not complaining. Do you know how hard it is to make a six minute tune without the listener getting bored eventually? So the fact that he’s mastered the ability to do it countless times shows you just how talented he is, and the insight he pours into his songs.

In case you weren’t aware before Dave is nobody’s playmate. This is no microwave music, this is something to digest for an eternity. I almost wish Dave would sit down with some MCs and teach them how to really do this rap thing, but for now “My 24th Birthday” will just have to do.

Ramz – Best Service

If you haven’t yet, I need you to go check out Ramz latest single “Best Service”. The laidback energy will have you feeling like you’re somewhere sunny with a couple of baddies chilling out with the gang! The track is all about how Ramz treats the gyaldem and how his style and the way he carries himself attract them. The simplistic approach to this song is everything. Sometimes in music, less is more. The hook is too wavey and will have you in a chokehold once you hear it.

This is one of those types of tunes you slap on in the whip and cruise around to, and with it being summertime, it’s the perfect time for this jam. Ramz came correct on this one, and we need him to keep the good music coming.


Stardom Ft Youngs Teflon & The Maffia – Cold Streets

Storytelling rap will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s like a mini movie with music. So when I listened to Stardom’s “Cold Streets” song featuring Youngs Teflon & The Maffia, I couldn’t help but feel drawn to it. Now it is true that sometimes hood stories can get repetitive. However, in “Cold Streets” they find the right balance of telling the story while keeping it entertaining. The melodic sound provided by The Maffia is a nice touch on the track.

Before the old heads out there get onto me about the heavy use of auto-tune these days. Yes, I do understand sometimes I want to hear some heavenly vocals myself, but there’s a time and place for that and in the “Cold Streets”, the heavy auto-tune melodies sonically fit like a glove. So tap into Stardom’s new tune for a story on how cold the streets can get.


Craig David Ft Nippa – G Love

He was born to do it and in 2022, Craig David is really still out here doing it, and doing it well. Nippa’s name has been bubbling in the industry over the last year. So a collaboration with the legendary singer and potentially the future of UK R&B in Nippa is great to see. This is the best I’ve heard Craig sound in a minute. It almost feels like the master passing the mantle off to the prodigy. Nippa sprinkles some of his flavour over the tune showing that he belongs on a stage with Craig and can hold his own.

I don’t know if Nippa inspired Craig on this track or the production had him feeling like he was back in 2000, but this sounds like real R&B that’s good for your soul. So whatever Craig is doing right now, he needs to keep it up because it’s working.


Loski – Tag Time Freestyle

Loski has been one of the coldest drill artists for a while now. From making bangers with Harlem Spartans to making them by himself. He’s shown he’s a serious candidate. Even though he’s had his setbacks like when he got locked up which slowed down his momentum a little. In the “Tag Time Freestyle” rapping over various beats, Loski dips into different bags to show why he isn’t to be played with.

There are a few mainstream Drill artists now seeing a lot of success. However, in doing so, their music has lost a little bit of that gritty Drill edge. I feel like Loski is cooking up a formula to find the right balance of everything in his music to run the Drill game.

Sometimes when drill rappers are speaking on crud, you can tell it’s fabricated. But when it comes to Loski, everything sounds 100% authentic. The change in tempo in every instrumental on the tune nicely changes the dynamic of the freestyle. So when you’re talking about the best UK Drill rappers, make sure you put some respect on Loski’s name please. He’s better than most of your favourite Drill rappers, and that’s all facts, no fiction.

Words By Aaron Adade.

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