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A Houston attorney served a $750 million lawsuit to headliner Travis Scott, performer Drake, concert promoter Live Nation, and tech giant Apple on Tuesday 16 November following the Astroworld tragedy.

Attorney Tony Buzbee filed the lawsuit on behalf of 125 concert attendants and the family of victim Axel Acosta, aged 21.

Acosta and nine other victims died in the fatal crowd surge that occurred on 5 November at Astroworld. 9-year-old Ezra Blount has been named as the latest and youngest victim following the injuries he suffered from the day that resulted in his death on Sunday 14.

Buzbee has said: “No amount of money will ever make these plaintiffs whole, no amount of money can restore human life.”

He also added, however, that he is confident every individual who attended the concert and suffered an injury will be compensated fairly. In the Instagram post Buzbee shared, he went on to say he plans to file a suit on behalf of another 100 individuals.

After collecting statements from more than 50 witnesses with hours of video evidence, Buzbee has concluded the injuries of his clients from broken bones and twisted knees to long-lasting psychological trauma.

Travis Scott and Live Nation have offered full refunds to attendees since the fallout of the event. Buzbee has called this offer “a transparent and grotesque effort” of both groups to diminish their liability in the case and warned attendees not to accept refunds which will waive their rights to sue, if they wish.

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