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As the lights dimmed at the 2024 Super Bowl halftime show in Las Vegas, Usher, the undeniable star, emerged, momentarily electrifying the ongoing football action. Dressed in an extravagant white diamond-studded outfit, he showed a proud tribute to Las Vegas, the rich history of black performance, and his beloved hometown of Atlanta.

Transforming Allegiant Stadium into a hypnotizing spectacle, Usher’s stage was adorned with a diverse array of performances, including flappers, Cirque du Soleil-inspired artists, and roller skaters, creating an unforgettable experience that captivated the audience.

Starting his performance with his hit “Caught Up,” Usher took the crowd on a journey through his outstanding musical career, revisiting iconic tracks such as “Nice & Slow” and “Love in This Club.” The anticipation rose when Grammy-winning sensation Alicia Keys made a stunning entrance, putting on a dazzling rhinestone-encrusted red corseted bodysuit. Together, they delighted fans with a brief performance of Alicia Keys’ classic “If I Ain’t Got You” before launching into a heartfelt performance of their chart-topping duet “My Boo,” taking the audience back to 2004.


The Super Bowl performance continued with electrifying appearances from H.E.R., Jermaine Dupri, and Ludacris, each bringing their unique flair to the stage. H.E.R.’s breath-taking guitar solo, reminiscent of Prince’s legendary performances, during “U Got It Bad” left the crowd in awe, while Ludacris effortlessly delivered his iconic verse from the smash hit “Yeah!”

Usher showcased his trademark choreography, amazing shirtless sequences, and perfect costume changes, captivating the audience with his amazing talent and stage presence. From his initial band to a daring display of bare-chested confidence and, finally, a striking leather jacket and pants combination, Usher commanded the stage with exceptional charisma.

As only the second artist to headline the Super Bowl Halftime Show in the Apple Music era, Usher delivered a legendary-worthy performance. Hits like “Yeah” and “OMG” commanded thunderous applause from the crowd.

By the conclusion of his electrifying performance, Usher leaves fans eagerly anticipating his upcoming Past, Present, and Future tour. Set to kick off in Washington, D.C., and traverse the country with stops at iconic venues like Brooklyn’s Barclay Centre and Atlanta’s State Farm Arena.


By: Hilary Nwachukwu

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