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Since Atari kickstarted the gaming world in 1977, the gaming world has progressed and progressed; from arcades all the way to VR, over the years we’ve had the pleasure of playing emotional stories with addictive characters and beautiful worlds. Recently we’ve seen games become successful shows (The Last Of Us, Mortal Kombat & Resident Evil) and we’ve all seen how cinema giant Harry Potter converted into the video game world and found huge success. So in today’s article I’ll be taking you through my picks for “ 4 Video games that would be amazing as a TV Series.” Be sure to let me know if you agree with my games or if you strongly disagree and of course SPOILERS ALERT.

Ghost of Tsushima

First on the list is the 2020 hit; Ghost Of Tsushima, created by Sucker Punch studios, this game is filled with refined detail to its open world, characters & expansive play style. Based in 12th century Japan, we follow Jin Sakai a young Samurai who is heir to the Jito of Tsushima. All flips upside down when the violent Mongol fleet, sets its eyes on the island of Tsushima (accurate). Waging genocide and blood-thirsty brutality, Jin is the only Samurai to survive the invasion of his home. Tasked with restoring order to the mainline, you cut the mongol’s down one by one until peace is found. 

The narrative aspect of this game is well paced and authentic to its time period, this game is perfectly slow and lightning fast at times allowing you to take in the cinematics to see the games overwhelming beauty. With an endless sea of white wheat fields in Kuta Farmstead to the Golden Forest, this game begs for a live-action adaptation, showcasing the mysterious lifestyle and discipline of a Samurai. Japanese history is full of discrete stories that the western world aren’t familiar with and there’s not many recent Samurai productions on our screens to choose from, giving the studio the opportunity to be the first to the punch (no pun intended)

Fallout 4

There has been no shortfall of; end-of-the-world-zombie-takeover-typeshows (Walking Dead, Resident Evil and World War Z to name a few). But Fallout offers a different take,  following a father who loses his wife & son to nuclear war, and after spending years asleep in an underground bunker, our main character wakes up and dives into the unknown. This new dystopian America is full of mutated animals, cold-hearted raiders and a whole host of creepy crawlies to face.

Fallout is all about finding your stolen son, and when you finally track down your son you find that he’s older than you?! And he’s achieved a cult god status. Regardless of the emotional rollercoaster, Fallout sets you on with its twists and turns. There are 4 different ways to beat the game depending on your moral compass, which in my opinion could make some huge nail biting moments for a season finale.


Skyrim is regarded as one of the best games of all time (and probably my favourite), released in 2011 by Bethesda Studios this open world sword and sandal game has held gamers hostage waiting for a follow up game for a long time (Bethesda please it’s been 10 years?!). Similar to Fallout; Skyrim has 5 different endings opening up endless possibilities for an adaptation. Set in Scandinavia, with 10 different races to build a character from, you’re given the standard task of stopping the end of the world, whilst there is a civil war taking place! 

Being the all powerful Dragonborn (Aka Skyrim’s chosen one) you’re able to make your character exactly how you want it; Highly skilled archer Elf? Got it, Insanely powerful mysterious mage? Done, Stealthy soldier with an enchanted dagger? Sorted. The game is vast, packed with deep detail in its story and quests. Skyrim is rich with mythology and tales, and seeing how great The Witcher’s Netflix show has been so far; A Skyrim show would only meet success if done correctly, as it’s likened to Game of Thrones or Lord of The Rings in regards to its quality and style of narrative.

God Of War

I hope that this one is obvious, we know that Greek mythology is a widely successful area for cinema; Troy, Percy Jackson, Thor, Jason and the Argonauts (showing my age there). Greek mythology is fascinating on the big screen, the endless list of gods and demigods and cursed beasts that protect things would give a director the opportunity to introduce some of the gods we don’t know too much about but of course allows classic action from the favourites such as; Hercules, Zeus, Medusa and many more.

When it comes to gaming it doesn’t get anymore dominant than Mr God Of War himself. . .Kratos. The design alone is enough to warrant a live action piece IMO; Silver skin, Red scar and a vast arsenal of weaponry? Kratos is your typical bad-ass demigod who makes Marvel’s Thor look like a fluffy unicorn. The sheer brutality and R-rated gore would fit perfectly in today’s market for a mature audience, as the God Of War series started in 2005 all the way to 2022 with 11 titles. Majority of the gamers who started GoW in 2005 are now in their late 20’s to late 30s. Which is the perfect target audience to grab ahold of for a new show and whichever streaming service adopts it. 

Honourable mentions

Red Dead Redemption, Call Of Duty (Modern Warfare Titles) & Infamous.

Compliments/ Contributions of J. Bliss.

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