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In a stunning showdown in Saudi Arabia, Anthony Joshua delivered a crushing blow to Francis Ngannou in the second round, securing a victory and steering clear of an upset against the former UFC heavyweight champion. Joshua’s relentless performance puts him one step closer to a potential clash with Tyson Fury. With this victory, Joshua secured consecutive wins with Ben Davison, a coach previously associated with Fury. 

The match began with Joshua asserting his dominance, flooring Ngannou with a powerful right hand in the opening round. He continued his attack in the second round, knocking down Ngannou twice more, with the final blow leaving Ngannou flat out on the canvas. This victory marks one of the most destructive knockouts of Joshua’s career, following his recent impressive wins over Robert Helenius and Otto Wallin.

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Joshua said after his victory:

“It is what it is. We welcomed Ngannou to boxing, he’s a great champion. It doesn’t take away from his capability. He can come again, I told him he can stay in boxing. It’s up to him”.

“If that was me,  you’d be saying, Joshua should retire. I don’t know if I’m at my peak. I’m pushing day by day, who knows where it will take me? In five years, I won’t be fighting no more, this will be a distant memory. I just want to fight. 

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Throughout the buildup to the fight, speculation swirled about the potential prize awaiting the winner, with talks of a shot at the winner of the Tyson Fury versus Oleksandr Usyk clash for the undisputed heavyweight championship. Post-fight, Joshua expressed admiration for Fury’s skills and stated his desire for a piece of the action.

Joshua’s laser-focused presence throughout the week translated into a dominant performance in the ring, as he showcased superior speed and technique. Despite Ngannou’s previous success in the octagon, Joshua left no room for doubt about his supremacy in the boxing ring.

Ngannou, who had gained momentum with a notable performance against Fury in his previous bout, faced a formidable opponent in Joshua. The former unified world champion wasted no time asserting his authority, leaving Ngannou reeling with his relentless attack.

With Fury watching from ringside, Joshua’s assertive victory sends a clear message to the boxing world. His record now stands at 28-3, and he eagerly awaits the outcome of the Fury vs. Usyk showdown in May. Joshua attributes part of his success to his partnership with trainer Ben Davison, whose influence has revitalized his killer instinct in the ring. With Davison as Joshua’s trainer, he defeated Otto Wallin in December, stopping him in five rounds.

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Despite the defeat, Ngannou’s tenacity and courage were acknowledged by Joshua, who emphasized the need to recognize Ngannou’s journey and dreams. As Joshua sets his sights on future challenges, he remains confident in his ability to reclaim his position at the top of the heavyweight division.

Anthony Joshua’s electrifying performance against Francis Ngannou shows his status as a force to be reckoned with in the boxing world. With his sights set on further glory, Joshua’s journey continues as he seeks to etch his name in the annals of boxing history. 

By: Hilary Nwachukwu

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