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The lawsuits allege gross negligence and seek $1m in damages from Travis Scott. This comes amidst 8 festival-goers were killed and at his Astro Fest Festival. Drake joined Travis Scott on stage for the headline show, thus allegedly contributing to the surge towards the stage.

Lawyers for injured concert-goers have branded the event a “predictable and preventable tragedy”, claiming that “a motivation for profit” was prioritised “at the expense of concertgoers”, according to the Shade Borough.

The suit contends the two continued to perform as the crowd grew increasingly out of control. Paredes claims he was in front of the general admission section, with a metal barrier separating him from the VIP section.

According, to, Kristian Paredes, 23, from Austin, Texas, filed the complaint, as reported by Sunday. The suit accuses the rappers, Live Nation Entertainment Inc. and Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation of negligence. He is represented by attorney Thomas J. Henry.

The suit asks for more than a million dollars and claims the rappers “incited the crowd” into actions that left him “severely injured.”



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