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BBC Presenter and Broadcaster Richie Brave wishes a Happy 20th Birthday to BBC 1Xtra

BBC Radio 1Xtra has been at the forefront of promoting black culture in the United Kingdom for over the last twenty years.

Before the radio station launched its operations in 2002,  it was almost impossible to find music genres like rap, R&B, and Black music on British airwaves.

At the time Black music was missing on British radio stations. For two decades now on the 16th of August of every year, the radio station celebrates the gap it has been filling to promote urban music across the UK.

The station is now a leading British radio station that is proposing non-stop hits as well as relevant discussions and interviews around Black British culture sub-genres to its passionate audience.

The station has become a source of inspiration for everything rap and R&B “especially with its attention to detail when it comes to what’s popular”, analyzes Kyann-Sian Williams.

The staff writer at NME argues that it is now possibly more than before 2002 to have non-stop hits as well as relevant discussions and interviews around your favorite sub-genres in Black British culture.

Whether you listen via your TV, computer, phone, or DAB radio, BBC Radio 1Xtra is easily accessible to everyone all over the country.

If you are a young fan on the lookout for what the next big thing will be, the station is always proposing to you a non-stop cycle of good music free from adverts.

A show the radio station has been proposing from the start like The loveable Ace and Vis has been bringing all things young and current to the station.

On this occasion, it is worth noting some radio journalist veterans such as Trevor Nelson and Tim Westwood who brought all sorts of high-profile stars onboard 1Xtra.

Gen Z-ers are now having a chance to grow up with a station that was started for Black people and was hosted predominantly by Black people.

The BBC 1Xtra is now an integral source of hip-hop and R&B knowledge for young generations like Kyann-Sian Williams.

“As a girl from a low socio-economic background: free television channels like grime mecca Channel AKA, BBC Radio 1Xtra gave me a chance to search around and find my new favorite sub-genres”, writes the young music staff writer at NME.

Kyann-Sian Williams adds that thanks to 1Xtra youngsters have had that resource so readily available to them.

From us to BBC 1Xtra, we wish you a happy anniversary for your two decades at the helm of Black British Culture promotion.


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