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Award-winning Nigerian singer, Omah Lay dropped his debut album titled, “Boy Alone“ on July 15 this year to reflect on the kind of emotional experience he has been going through since he became a superstar two years ago.

Omah Lay has done his “dream collaboration” with Justin Bieber which he thinks is one of those things on his to-do list that he has checked.

Omah Lay and Justin cover the song Attention

“He’s one person that I’ve always wanted to perform with”, the 25-year-old Nigerian musician told GRAMMY.

When Justin Bieber reached out to him first when he first dropped his project Get Layd — Omah Lay was like, This is it. This is part of the dream.

As Omah Lay is kicking off his Lay’s Boy Alone tour on Sept. 7 in the US and Canada, he told GRAMMY  that the story for Boy Alone is literally about his story of the past two years.

“Like, ‘I’ve told you the story; now, this is me coming again to tell you right in your face what I was saying in the album,” said the 25-year-old.

Omah Lay has been going through “the whole thing — the whole fame, the whole becoming who he is today”.

The album is a summary of his ups and downs, his emotional breakdowns, his happy moments, and every experience he had over the last two years.

“I am who I am; everybody’s who they are”, Omah Lay told GRAMMY.

The Nigerian message in the new album is that everybody is born to be who they are.

Even though his album is telling a story of his life when he became a superstar, Lay thinks that there’s nothing special about being a superstar.

“I’m just another human being walking the earth and making music; that’s it”.

Omah Lay said that there are innumerable artists in the world making music just like himself. He, therefore, thinks that one little thing that people misunderstand is the fact that the celebrity is also human.

Boy Alone album is a series of his experiences put together.

It is like photographs and all he did during the making of his new album was capturing moments and make songs with them.

Instead of pictures, songs in his album are in words and melodies.

His new song on the album “I’m a Mess” is about himself.

“I was a mess at some point, and I made a song with it”.

Another song on the album like “Temptations” was made to capture the kind of emotions he was through a lot during the last two years.

Omah Lay is thankful that even though he was going through a lot, he still had people who stayed by his side.

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