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Between the Trees festival is a contemporary folk festival in the Candleston Castle Campsite in South Wales from 26 August to 28 August 2022. Its main appeal is its location: held in a Welsh woodland by the sea inspires vibes of relaxation, contemplation, and whimsical adventures throughout the forests.

Between the Trees literally places you among the trees to learn more about nature, new skills, spoken word tales, and, of course, enjoy the wonders of creating new art inspired by Welsh folklore.

The festival is mined at all ages and seeks to re-connect younger generations with the healing qualities of the woodlands environment. Between the Trees is grounded in contemporary folk, acoustic roots, and Americana genres. It incorporates new exciting talent and seasoned performers to produce original music that sparks creativity. 

Children can explore the woodlands freely, and they might stumble upon hidden dens, magical forest areas, and amazing sand dunes that’ll reignite a sense of wonder.

Specifically, the festival is held at the Merthyr Mawr National Nature Reserve, one of Wales’ Sites of Special Scientific Interest and a haven for wildlife.

Some of the artists include folk duo Songfisher from South Wales, who will perform and talk about the legends behind their original songs. Robert Minhinnick will talk about his book, Delirium, a short prose piece of work about the Merthyr Mawr dunes. Other artists participating in the event include: Dot Williams, Andrew Mason, Catherine Fisher, and Dr. Eleanor Kean will talk about otters and their impact on the local ecology, converging arts, and science in one festival.

Between the Trees makes you part of their unique community in an ancient woodland setting, where you have the opportunities to create land art, observe natural science and investigate, listen, and debate. 

You can get adult day tickets for Friday at £30, Saturday at £50, Sunday at £50, and all of these at 15 for children aged 4-17. These tickets don’t include camping.

You can also get an entry for the full week weekend at £125 for adults and £50 for children. To camp, you need to purchase a pitch ticket depending on your needs: there’s a forest camping tent, a field camping tent, and family camping tent options for varying prices. Learn more about their pricing structure here

Between the Trees is the brainchild of two educators: Andrea Thomas and Dawn Wood. Once they noticed that humans, themselves included, were more connected to their screens than nature, they wanted to create an arts festival to address this. Thus, Between the Trees was born in 2014.



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