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CURLYTREATS Festival: Black Hair Stories at London celebrates afro hair, beauty, fashion, and wellness. 

The event’s organizer has disclosed this year’s theme will be “black hair beauty”.

Visitors can listen to the discussions, participate in workshops, watch movie screenings, discover bands and black hair products, and learn how to maintain and style afro-textured black hair. 

You’ll hear from experts on how to pick the best products for your hair type, and author Kendace Chimbiri will educate you on the early history of afro hair, etc.

It’ll also provide a forum for discussing issues affecting black people because of natural hair, especially in the UK. 

CURLYTREATS provides brands a chance to showcase their products aimed at black consumers and encourages visitors to be confident in wearing afro hair with pride.

More importantly, it inspires people to be proud of their natural hair and aims to draw attention to the beauty of afro hair.

On top of that, CURLYTREATS sides with these brands to provide recommendations for products to use on afro hair,  and with quick access to the places you can purchase those. 

Despite the existence of laws to protect against discrimination, afro-hair stigma in the UK is still prevalent as one of the primary ways Black people experience racial discrimination.

The goal of CURLYTREATS, like many other Black History Month events, is to raise awareness about the prejudice experienced by Black people in the UK, and come up with positive solutions for the situation.

What can visitors expect from the CURLYTREATS Festival?

Visitors can expect to learn more about the heritage and history of black afro hair, advice on how to make their natural hair appearance inspirational to others, and insights about the well-being of their black afro hair, including: 

  • More than 20 black female experts and educators at the festival
  • More than 50 black-owned shops 
  • Afro hair product making 
  • Hair care activities
  • Braiding workshops 
  • Sip & paint workshops 
  • Zine making workshop
  • Film screenings 
  • Windrush photo exhibition
  • 6000 years of the Afro comb
  • DJ & Music 

Who’s behind the festival’s organizing?

In 2007, Vinna Best cut off her chemically straightened hair and allowed her afro hair to grow. 

However, faced several obstacles at the time, including a lack of knowledge about afro hair care, styling advice, and natural-ingredient products.

As a result, in 2013, she founded the national afro hair event called CURLYTREATS. The festival has gained visitors from domestic and international countries in the past nine years.

When and where?

Date and time

Sat, 15 October 2022, 11:00 – 19:00 BST


NOVOTEL West London Hammersmith International Ctre 1, Shortlands Hammersmith London W6 8DR United Kingdom

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