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Logan Paul called Nope one of the worst movies he’s seen in a long time. 

He expressed his thoughts in a 13-tweet thread shared on July 24.

“I love Jordan Peele and Keke Palmer can act her ass off, but this movie is objectively and confusing with stretched themes that don’t justify the pace (a thread).”

He’d then go on to explain his thoughts on the film. He stated how it’s not hard to conceptualize something as disturbing as a trained Chimp going animalistic and mauling the entire set, referencing Gordy’s attack in the film. 

However, as per Paul’s thoughts, it is hard to sensibly tie it to the plot, which was done poorly here.

He’d then start questioning several clues and foreshadowing scenes that weren’t explained at first but were tied together by the film’s end.

He also questioned the actions taken by Antlers Holst, one of the film’s characters who ends up sacrificing himself to take the perfect shot inside the alien Jean Jacket’s supposed mouth, yet apparently with no purpose, as his camera was obviously going to be sucked and destroyed in the ensuing fight.

Finally, he criticized how Daniel Kaluuya’s character was casted in a “vanilla” role, referencing how his role in the film was that of a mostly silent, socially awkward character. Kaluuya plays O.J in Nope.

Kaluuya is known for his gregarious, social personality, and past roles in another of Peele’s films, Get Out (2017).

Kaluuya was asked by Capitol Breakfast host Sian Welby if he knew of Paul’s tweets. He said: “Logan Paul, God.. we going to talk about this? Why is his opinion top of the tree?”

He then added,

“Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but what’s he done in cinema? Imagine if they asked me about Eric Clapton.”

Jordan Peele’s movies tend to subvert audience expectations by deconstructing classical horror tropes and twisting them in ways most viewers won’t expect. 

This tactic was mostly seen in Nope, where the plot remains ahead of the viewer’s ideas, yet all the signs of the mystery remain there to be tied up together by observant minds.

In a time when filmgoers are used to having everything explained to them by the end of the film, Nope stands out as a modern horror film where many things are left to viewers’ interpretations or their intelligence.

You can watch Kaluuya’s interview here

Kaluuya stated how he’d sit down with him, but then backtracked, stating how he wouldn’t, and that he hasn’t done anything in cinema.

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