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Civ Pierre: In Conversation With Gen B

Los Angeles’ newest hip-hop and R&B star Civ Pierre is making a statement on the scene with his West Coast rap, indie and nostalgic rock-influenced sounds. But there’s something different about this multi-dimensional artist, producer and dancer; his identity is anonymous. 

Since releasing his first project, ‘When a Daisy Blossoms (Ep.1)’, Civ Pierre’s success has snowballed, but no one knows exactly who he is. But, it won’t be that way forever.

Following his recent two-song project, Issue 2: We Don’t Just Rap (Ep.4), Gen B sat down with the elusive artist to discuss his journey, his decision to remain anonymous and whether he’ll ever reveal who he is.

Civ Pierre We Don't Just Rap

Cover Art © Issue 2: We Don’t Just Rap

We’ve got to start by speaking about your recent tracks ‘By The Ocean’ and ‘Would You?’ The two songs are part of the project ‘Issue 2: We Don’t Just Rap (Ep. 4)’. Why did you decide to release those songs together? What links them? 

Those songs, in my opinion, were sonically similar, especially for the vibe that I was going for an R&B feel. Ironically, these were songs that I wrote when going through a breakup, and tie in with that theme in their own separate ways. 

Issue 2: We Don’t Just Rap (Ep. 4) comes straight on the back of Issue 1: Sands of the Hourglass (Ep. 3). What’s the storyline behind the issues, and is there more to come from this particular saga? 

Well, I want my music to be relatable and true within myself. Yes, I think this will be a thing going towards the future. Each saga is an experience or message that I want the listener to enjoy and use to paint their own picture. 

Take us back to the beginning. When did music become a big part of your life and when did it transcend and become something you pursue as a career? 

All my life, I knew there was something in me that connected with music. It’s hard to explain; I just knew I had to pursue it. I didn’t realize it would transcend the way it did. Even though I feel like I’m still at the beginning of my career, it was when I was 15 that I started taking music seriously. I’m 27 now. In that time, there’s been a lot of self-development and studying different genres of music, and it’s really made a difference. 

Civ Pierre

Civ Pierre © Press Image

Your sound is made up of a complete mix of genres and influences – it’s so unique. How would you describe what you’re trying to achieve through music? 

I just love to experiment and see what I can create. You’ll never know what you can do until you do it. It’s like combining recipes. I’m trying to create a new world and a new sound. I want to be able to open doors for artists like me who are eclectic. 

There’s also a huge anonymity aspect to your artistry. What was behind the decision to keep your appearance and identity hidden and just focus on the music? 

Exactly that, I want the listener to focus on the music, not my appearance. I want to let the music speak for itself. People are so curious and feel like they need to know everything about an artist. But it’s not something you can look at or get your hands on that captivates an audience. 

Do you think you’ll always remain anonymous?

No, I won’t. I’ll show my face when the time is right. 

How do you feel about live performances? For many artists and fans, it’s a huge part of the music experience. So what do you have planned, and how will you navigate that anonymously? 

Good question. My team and I are actually working on ways to navigate being anonymous on the stage. I’m a performer and I know live performances are everything for both me and my fans. That’s also how you make your money in the music industry. So, just know, when it happens, it will definitely be an experience. 

What’s next for you? What does 2022 have in store for Civ Pierre? 

Greatness! The sky’s the limit and anything is possible!


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