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Instagram launches Black Perspectives – a new programme designed to champion the future of young Black talent. The initiative aims to challenge the status quo by empowering Black creatives across various industries, including fashion, youth & community, entertainment and media.

Through the initiative, Instagram will back four unique projects to support young emerging Black creatives, helping them to reach new heights in their careers.

To kick the programme off, Instagram has brought together four leading British creators who will each run a project to inspire the creator community and amplify voices both on and off Instagram.

Instagram launches Black Perspectives: a programme to power the future of Black creative talent


LGBTQ+ youth worker and community builder Tanya Compas, GUAP co-founder Ibrahim Kamara, DJ, presenter (Kiss, No Signal) Henrie Kwushue and leading lifestyle content creator Esther Areola (Estare), will run their bespoke initiatives from March-June 2022.

Emerging Black creatives are the driving force behind the Instagram creator community. Since the platform began, they have been at the helm of the most innovative and viral trends – inspiring and entertaining users all over the world through innovation and connections. Instagram sees Black creators as imperative to pushing culture forward, and believes that all Black creators deserve equal opportunities.

Black Perspectives is part of Instagram’s ongoing commitment to championing and supporting the careers of young Black creators on the platform and beyond.

The creators will also work with the teams at Meta to help inform product and policy developments that support creator well-being and equity on Instagram. They will join research sessions to share their insights and experiences, test tools before being rolled out and provide ongoing feedback on Instagram’s approach.

2022’s Black Perspectives programme: 

Tanya Compas: ERASURE kicks off from April 20th 2022
Tanya wants to help Black LGBTQ+ creative youth tell their stories unapologetically, and in doing so, will be able to forge a career simply by being themselves. The youth worker and founder of Exist Loudly is hosting a two-day boot camp which will challenge stereotypical LGBTQ+ tropes and help participants kickstart their creative careers.

Ibrahim Kamara: #TheBrief kicks off from April 27th 2022

Ibrahim, co-Founder of GUAP, the UK’s first-ever video magazine, will mentor five creators as they produce a full campaign from a brief. They’ll be asked to deliver editorial, video and images in response to the themes of “Legacy” and “Community” – which Ibrahim has personally chosen in honour of his late father.

Henrie Kwushue: Free Game kicks off from May 16th 2022
The entertainment world can be tough to break into, and even more so when you’re a young Black creative trying to score your first gig. How does it work? What do you actually get paid? In this IG content series launching in May, presenter and DJ Henrie will be putting the industry’s names in the hot seat, answering all those burning questions that have never been answered – until now.

Estare: The Creator Quest takes place on June 6th 2022
Lifestyle influencer Esther Areola – known to her followers as Estare – has created a series of challenges for five emerging fashion and beauty creators, to see if they can respond to a real brand brief. Estare will be joined by a panel of leading creators who will assess what it takes to turn a side hustle into a full-time career.

Georgia Kelly, Emerging Creator Partnerships, UK & Nordics, Instagram said:

“At Instagram, we’re committed to supporting and nurturing the careers of emerging Black talent and Black Perspectives is an embodiment of that. Black creators are consistently driving culture forward on the platform and too often face barriers to success in the creative industry. Together with our changemaking lead creators, we’ve curated a programme that will support emerging talent to forge careers for themselves both on and off Instagram.”

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