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Kanye West, now going by Ye, has continued his redemption path by ending feuds with his fellow rappers.

Following the end to the Soulja Boy debacle, Ye took to Instagram to post a video on 9th November calling on big-time rapper and frenemy, Drake, to call off their feud in the name of social and criminal justice.

The Praise God rapper appeared with other J Prince (James Prince) next to him in the video and said: “Both me and Drake have taken shots at each other and it’s time to put it to rest.

“I’m asking Drake on December 7th to join me on stage as a special guest to share the two biggest albums of the year, live in Los Angeles with the ultimate purpose being to free Larry Hoover.”

Larry Hoover is a Chicago gang leader that is serving six life sentences in Florence, Colorado.

Ye hopes to bring awareness to the cause with this concert event in Hoover’s name, being aware that both he and Drake have shared two of the biggest albums this year with their respective releases of Donda and Certified Lover Boy.

Ye ended the video hoping to show others “how much more we can accomplish when we lay our pride to the side and come together.”

Yesterday, on 17th November, Ye posted a picture to Instagram with him and J Prince stood either side of Drake, posing to camera. The post showed that Drake has accepted the reconciliation. We can expect the Hoover concert to take place in due course.

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