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Kanye West has announced the follow up to his tenth studio album Donda, released in August 2021, with Donda 2 teased in an Instagram post on Thursday 27 January.

Ye’s eleventh studio album, also named after his late mother Donda, is set for release on 22 February 2022.

The album will be executively produced by music artist Future.

The rapper has hinted to the significance of the album release date being “2.22.22” with a post to his Instagram story describing the importance of the day.

The disappearing story read: “Feb. 22, 2022 – According to the Stars, the United States is finally getting a spiritual makeover with its first-ever Pluto return on Feb. 22, 2022. Astrologically, a Pluto return is when the heavenly body returns to the same position in a birth chart where it was when the chart began.”

The ‘spiritual makeover’ of the day suggests that Ye’s album drop will benefit the country in such a way.

Kanye recently released new single, Eazy, featuring rapper The Game. In the song, the Chicago rapper disses his soon-to-be-ex wife’s boyfriend, comedian Pete Davidson, which has caught media attention.

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