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“Originally, we started from the piano and the drums, but I wanted to elevate it.”

Khamari has dropped his newest track, “Drifting,” following the release of his previous single, “Doctor my Eyes.” The song features a breezy flow and a sample of Nina Simone’s chopped vocals.

What sets Khamari apart is his introspective songwriting and smooth voice, cementing him as a rising star in the R&B genre. He’s a multi-instrumentalist songwriter and producer.

Drifting was produced by Khamari, Trackside, Whitenoise, and Johan Lenox.

Lyrical vulnerability and melodic grooves set apart the Dorchester native from the crowd, and music magazines throughout the UK have praised the artist for his work.

Khamari has pursued a full-time career in music for five years and is a skilled pianist and guitarist. 

He expressed how Drifting is a song about escapism. He was trying to find a different way to express his headspace, away from the monotony and overwhelming emotion.

He stated how he chopped the intro to Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” over the track as a way to tell a story using irony. To Khamari, the irony in sampling a song about a woman singing about how she’s found Euphoria over a song about her struggle of being locked into a search for it was a dope way to represent the emotions in his song.

Listen to Khamari’s “Drifting” here.

Khamari went to study at the Berklee School of Music but left the school to pursue his career in 2017. Despite the risks of leaving such a prestigious institution of higher learning, Khamari has made it work phenomenally.

In an interview with HungerTV, he expressed how his music process looks different depending on his feelings and whether he’s collaborating or working alone.

After studying at Berklee, he began covering songs and releasing them on SoundCloud. His debut EP “Eldorado” was released in 2020, featuring six tracks of rhythmic beats, slow-paced guitar, and silky vocals. Some of the subjects tackled in the album include mental health, struggles, and love. For Khamari, music is an instrument for emotional expression, and his sounds are refreshing and relaxing.

When Khamari released his new single, “Doctor, My Eyes,” praised for its lyrical wisdom and silky, effortless vocals, the singer focused more on R&B. 

Khamari seemed to have disappeared for a year after releasing Eldorado, and the same happened when he dropped Doctor, My Eyes. With a growing Instagram account of 11k followers, Khamari is a new talent in the R&B genre.

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