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Kizz Daniel, the Nigerian singer, and songwriter, has been on a non-stop journey for the past two years, rarely taking a break or vacation. Despite the demanding schedule, he considers it a blessing and acknowledges the importance of finding time to relax and recharge.

In an interview with the New York-based Way Up With Angela Yee Show, Kizz Daniel expressed gratitude for his team, who have been a source of support throughout his career.

Rising to fame in 2014 with his debut single “Woju,” Kizz Daniel understands the immense pressure that comes with his line of work. However, he credits his team for standing behind him and helping him navigate the challenges. 

He believes in the power of positive energy and described the feeling of knowing when he has created a hit while still in the studio. According to him, it’s crucial to have faith in one’s work and believe that everything they are doing is good.

While Kizz Daniel cannot predict the exact impact of his songs, he has observed that many of his releases become instant hits worldwide. To ensure the quality of his music, he involves his entire team in the creative process, seeking diverse perspectives to avoid deceiving himself. 

Kizz Daniel recognizes the danger of falling into self-delusion and believes in the importance of having talented individuals contribute to his work.

The decision to release a new song is a collective one, with Kizz Daniel valuing the input of his team. This collaborative approach has led to numerous successful releases throughout his career. 

Reflecting on his song “Rich Till I Die,” which gained 17 million views on YouTube within six months, he redefines richness as happiness and personal fulfillment. For him, being rich means waking up in the morning with a smile and being content with one’s existence.

Maintaining a healthy diet while constantly being on the road is a challenge for Kizz Daniel, as he admits to sometimes forgetting to eat. Fortunately, his team takes care of him, ensuring his well-being during his travels around the world. Despite his lack of enthusiasm for food, he remains grateful for their support.

Looking ahead, Kizz Daniel has ambitious goals. He plans to perform at the Q2 Arena in London, which has a capacity of 20,000 fans, in October. Additionally, he dreams of conquering other major arenas worldwide in the coming year. Beyond personal success, he finds fulfillment in making a lasting impact in the music industry. 

Kizz Daniel intends to sign and promote African talents, helping them gain recognition globally. Recently, he stepped down as the CEO of his label, Fly Boy Inc, and signed a talented artist named Prime, who features on his album.

One of the label’s current projects is to showcase young African talents to the rest of the world. Kizz Daniel recognizes the significant role Afrobeats plays in today’s music scene and is grateful to witness its rise. He believes it’s an exciting time for African artists and expresses his joy at being part of this movement.

Collaboration is another aspect that Kizz Daniel values. He has established good working relationships with artists like Davido and Tiwa Savage, recording several songs with them. In 2020, he signed a collaborative deal with EMPIRE, an American record label and publishing company. Kizz Daniel acknowledges EMPIRE’s role as a bridge for African artists, helping them gain exposure and achieve greater success in the United States and worldwide.

Words by: Daniel Nzohabonimana

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