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Lil Durk is now engaged after proposing to long-term partner India Royale on stage during a hometown show in Chicago. 

The pair have been dating since 2017 and welcomed their first child, Willow Banks, in 2018. Lil Durk decided to make Royale his fiancé on Saturday 18th December while onstage at Chicago’s United Center. 

The rapper was performing as part of the Big Jam Concert, which is an event hosted by the local radio station WGCI. During his set, Lil Durk invited Royale on stage and serenaded her before getting down on one knee to ask her to be his wife. 

Lil Durk

Lil Durk © Paras Griffin

As the crowd cheered, he said, “You know I love you to death. You’ve been holding me down when I was going through a lot. You’re the realest, and I just love you to death.” He continued, finally asking the question, “Would you wanna be my wife?” Royale happily accepted his proposal, and the pair embraced in front of the ecstatic crowd. 

Lil Durk later posted a video of the romantic gesture to his Instagram, which you can watch here

The ‘Home Body’ singer has regularly professed his love for his soon-to-be wife India and previously released a track named ‘India’, which is dedicated to their relationship and features candid lyrics like “I can’t lie, I can’t tell my guys // That I’m in love and I feel so shy.”

On Friday 17th, Lil Durk released ‘Broadway Girls’ with country singer Morgan Wallen.

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