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Evan Peters stars in New Netflix Series the Jeffery Dahmer Story. The series will showcase 10 episodes based on a true story on a 31-year-old man in Ohio that is found guilty in a series of murders over a number of years.

In July of 1991 police were called to the residence of Mr. Jeffery Dahmer. When police arrived, they would have found evidence that would later lead to the conviction of Dahmer.

The Netflix series has been ranked as #1 in TV Shows Today! 17 Men were killed by this man, how did he get away with these crimes for so long without being caught or anyone noticing? Watch the series on Netflix to see how he was able to do all of this and what may have triggered someone to do so many unethical things.

Have you the chance to check the series out on Netflix it will start off where his neighbor is being thrown off her suspicions that there is some activity taking place in the apartment next to her that should not be taking place at all! Jeffery would then head to a local bar on the night that he would have been arrested and lurs a what would have been his 18th victim back to his home. The potential victim was able to get away and get the attention of some officers that were patrolling the area nearby where they made some gruesome discoveries.

Once again this is all based on a true story, The Netflix series would be one of the three projects that Ryan Murphy is working on. After Dahmer there will be Mr. Harrigan’s Phone on October 5th and then The Watcher scheduled to realease in mid-October of 2022.

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