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Nigerian Afrobeats sensation Omah Lay has recently unveiled a deluxe version of his debut album, ‘Boy Alone,’ taking his fans on a captivating introspective journey. The 14-track masterpiece delves into the artist’s personal experiences and tackles mental health in a way that aims to provide healing to the listener.

The creation of the album was a pivotal moment for Omah Lay, not only due to the music itself but also because of his mental state at the time. He describes the process as a “make or break” endeavor, reflecting the dark place he was in mentally during its production. However, with the release of the deluxe version, Omah Lay finds himself in a better place, allowing him to share the complete story behind ‘Boy Alone.’

Omah Lay, a 26-year-old gifted vocalist, has garnered a massive following worldwide. Despite his struggles with mental health during the making of the album, the process helped him grow and gain a fresh perspective. In an interview with Complex, he mentioned how he learned to become a better person and is now enjoying his life and having fun.

‘Boy Alone’ showcases Omah Lay’s versatility as an artist, as he explores a wide range of human experiences and emotions. Born and raised in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Omah Lay credits his hometown for shaping the person he is today. He acknowledges the uniqueness of Port Harcourt, from the food to the way people talk and put words together. The artist identifies with the lyricism of artists from his city and sees himself as a representative of their raw talent.

Growing up in a challenging environment surrounded by criminals and illegal activities, Omah Lay developed resilience and strength. He describes his birth city as rough but expresses gratitude for the tough upbringing that ultimately shaped him as an artist. However, he emphasizes that no child should have to go through the same experiences.

Omah Lay’s musical journey began at a young age when he started rapping under the alias ‘Lil King.’ Three years ago, he released his first song, signed a record deal, and moved to Lagos to pursue music professionally. His career skyrocketed, leading him to collaborate with renowned artists such as Wizkid, Olamide, and even Justin Bieber, allowing him to tour the world and reach millions of fans.

The rise of Afrobeats as a global phenomenon has positioned Omah Lay at the forefront of the movement. He acknowledges the exciting time for African music and believes it is an opportunity for African artists to showcase the beauty of their culture to the world. Omah Lay expresses his gratitude for realizing his dreams and thriving in an era where Afrobeats is gaining international recognition.

As the world begins to appreciate the beauty of African music and Africa as a whole, Omah Lay remains hopeful and optimistic. He believes that this is a special moment for African artists and that the world is finally recognizing the richness and uniqueness of their artistry.

Omah Lay’s release of the deluxe version of ‘Boy Alone’ reflects his personal growth and journey and signifies the growing influence of African music on the global stage. With his captivating storytelling and undeniable talent, Omah Lay continues to make his mark in the music industry, leaving an indelible impression on listeners worldwide.

Words By: Daniel Nzohabonimana

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