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Humans have a plethora of things to express about themselves, and being so strictly defined does not help with that. Confining yourself to a particular niche limits your forms of expression and denies the world something that “could have been.”

Liya’s new single, Skalala, is a far throw from her former projects, but it was selected because Liya wanted to express herself differently, to show the public a different side of her.

Alari, being Liya’s first EP, projected a certain energy; it gave us spiritual, traditional, and strong vocals. But that is not all that Liya is about. Liya is fun, goofy, funny, and energetic. She wants to introduce the public to this version of Alari. Did you know that is actually her name? As much as she had other song options, she picked Skalala because it is a fun song. She picked fun.

When you listen to the single, Skalala, you can get a variety of meanings, but the message Liya is trying to pass across is that sometimes, we just need to forget our problems and have a bit of fun, which the song helps you do, focus on getting your affairs in order and making your “paper.” Whichever one you get while listening, just have fun with it.

Liya is a very determined artist who would do anything possible to achieve what she needs out of a song. In the process of working with different producers, she has been able to tap into her different sides and find her strength in music.

Kdream is the producer she worked with on Skalala. This is not their first rodeo. She has frequently worked with him and he is definitely someone that understands her kind of music.

Want to experience this part of Liya? Listen to Skalala here.

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