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The world’s biggest arts festival starts this weekend under normal circumstances in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The biggest arts festival in the world is kicking off in Edinburgh, the Scottish capital.

Angus Robertson Thanks to everyone for making this 75th Edinburgh International Festival possible.

Angus Robertson, member of the Scottish Parliament

The MP sends best wishes to all performers, venues and audience members.

Pauline McLean, the BBC Scotland arts correspondent, reports that the Edinburgh Festivals are back as both festivals mark their 75th anniversary this summer.

Thousands of performers from across the world are meeting in Edinburgh to start the world’s biggest arts festival.

Between the trees

As the festival celebrates its 75th anniversary, 8,000 shows will be staged by artists from over 58 countries.

Its line-up includes comedians Frankie Boyle, Stewart Lee and Al Murray.

The Edinburgh International Festival will see live audiences return to indoor venues, while the Edinburgh Military Tattoos are also expected to be back.

“The festival’s new vision is to make the whole event more inclusive and accessible,” says Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the Fleabag star and President of the Edinburgh Festival Society.

During the festival, there will be music, projections, drums, a huge light display, acrobatics, and dance. The National Youth Choir of Scotland will also perform. 

Today the Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra, led by Canadian-Ukrainian conductor Keri Lynn Wilson, is going to perform a free concert at Usher Hall.

The aim of this free concert is to extend an invitation to the Ukrainian community in Scotland amid the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The Edinburgh International Film Festival is also back in the program, along with books and arts festivals.

This time around, there will be no closing concert as orchestras are staying for residences rather than single concerts.

Artists performing at one festival are encouraged to take part in other events.

Audiences taking part in Edinburgh festivals are happily moving around to take part in a variety of events.

There is a certain amount of relief this summer in Edinburgh, as many had been worrying that the festival might not survive the pandemic.

Last year, festivals were heavily subsidized and were characterized by socially distancing measures.

McLean notes that some established artists like Jason Byrne and Alan Cumming took part in last year’s festival because they felt they owed it to the festival where their careers began.






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