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GenB Magazine will be releasing a new list each day for the next 7 days to highlight a small section of the amazing diverse talent across the Media and Advertising Landscape.

We do not believe there can possible be any ‘List’ of talent that does not include communities such as Black, African American, LGBTQ+, disABILITY, 50+, Religion and many others and therefore we will be highlighting talent across many communities over the next 7 days. Media and Advertising is a fantastic industry that IS making strives to become more diverse and welcoming to everyone – We believe this should be highlighted at any opportunity by Community and INDUSTRY press.

We also do not call any collection of talent ‘Top’ talent as we believe this is ‘impossible’ to say – therefore these lists will highlight many but certainly not even scratch the surface… This is NOT an extensive list but we hope it gives a window into the many impressive people that make up our industry.

Feel free to use our suggestions Campaign Magazine 😉

Jay Richards-

Co-Founder Imagen Insights, with determination to help Gen Z to a well-rounded future. Enabling brands and agencies to Insights, Ideas, and Qualitative Feedback from Gen Z Community at a global scale within 72 hours. Community based in over 111 countries including the UK, US, EMEA and well – beyond.

Timothy Armoo-

Co-Founder Fanbytes, Started the company at just 21 years old back in 2017. A marketing company whilst in just his second year of Uni. Within 5 years his team grew to just under a 100 people working with the UK Government and other brands such as Samsung and Estee Lauder. In May of this year Fanbytes was acquired by global digital powerhouse Brainlabs in a landmark deal for the industry.

Deborah Harper-

Mindshare Partner, with over 20 years of experience developing and implementing strategies for Tech Brands, FMCG, Automotive, and Finance. Whilst working autonomously as an independent contributor also creating trusted relationships and navigating complex matrix’s. Harper also shares a particular interest in advancements in robotics, machine learning, and loT. More so specifically on how all three of these components come together and impacting media and marketing.

Christian Facey/ Wilfrid Obeng-

Audiomob, Focused and driven on creating flexible and brand-safe audio ad platform that is proven to elevate engagement for advertisers and revenue for publishers. Diversity and Inclusion is one the roots of the company helping to create environments that everyone can feel comfortable and be themselves whilst being treated with equal respect. Through Audiomob, has been built a mentoring programme for minority and general students aged 18-25 years old. Through mentoring, helping people navigate through difficult challenges and to take more opportunities and achieve societal change.

Masibu Manima-

Founder at T:C, Data and Digital Marketing Professional with over 10 years of experience in the Marketing Industry. With a high interest in helping businesses making culturally informed business decisions. Currently focused on helping brands having World Class Personalized and Nuanced Communications with their audiences.

Elizabeth Anyaegbuna-

Sixteenbynine Co-Founder, believing in image and sound is key. Telling stories from an authentic point of view makes storytelling stronger. She recently co launched Black Corner a black owner- business directory, marketing, and mentoring support platform.

Jason Jarvis-

Clear Channel, 9 and counting experience as a Creative Account Manager. Some of his best atributes would consist of Ideation, Communication, and Creative Pitching. Working with Clients and Agencies to build successful advertising strategies. Some examples would be OOH, Print, Digital and Experimental Medias.

Emma Kwarteng-

OMD Unite, is a strategic planner who can assist in Consumer Analysis and trends. Her drive in the industry includes creative and Innovative Concepts for Brands, alongside strategic proposals. She has created some communication campaigns. A few examples would be France Televisions and Culture Presse.

Marvyn Harrison/ Jess Mally-

BELOVED Agency, founded in 2020. Their mission as A DEI and representation partnership, Working towards those workplaces are safe, fair, equitable, and truly diverse for people from all intersections of humanity.

Ete Davies-

Dentsu Creative, with over 20 years of experience. He also was one of the original co-founders of WeAreStripes and is the Founder of CultureHeros, Both with a drive and mission to create opportunities for Black Asian and Minority Ethnic talent also known as (BAME), across creative industries.

Alison Tabalba-

NatWest Group, over 10 years of experience with NatWest helping businesses and communities within the enterprise prioritize a force of change. Specifically geared towards those people who have face highest barriers and figuring out ways to eliminate them.

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