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Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you all have a great and productive start to your week. As promised, we releasing our 5th edition of “The Forgotten List”, our second to last list of incredibly talented industry professionals.

We do not believe there can possible be any ‘List’ of talent that does not include communities such as Black, African American, LGBTQ+, disABILITY, 50+, Religion and many others and therefore we will be highlighting talent across many communities over the next 2 days. Media and Advertising is a fantastic industry that IS making strives to become more diverse and welcoming to everyone – We believe this should be highlighted at any opportunity by Community and INDUSTRY press.

We also do not call any collection of talent ‘Top’ talent as we believe this is ‘impossible’ to say – therefore these lists will highlight many but certainly not even scratch the surface… This is NOT an extensive list but we hope it gives a window into the many impressive people that make up our industry.

Kayas Irshad-

Kayas Irshad is a producer, marketing manager , actor, director and casting manager based in the UK. In 2021 Irshad wrote and directed a documentary named BULLLYING that aims to help people who have been affected by bullying. The goal of the film is to end the cycle of pain that bullying has caused so many.

Derrick Igbokwe-

Derrick Igbokwe is the business manager of Reach PLC, the most affluent publisher in the UK. Igbokwe is passionate about diversity and worked at Brand Advance as a Senior Agency Client lead, where he helped clients reach diverse communities with authenticity.

Vicky McGowan-

Vicky McGowan is the Founder Outsource2day and the owner of REVA. McGowan is a master class marketing expert that specializes in start up support. She has helped many businesses grow and evolve through mentorship and training.

Shambavi Singh-

Shambavi Singh is Programmatic Delivery Manager at Kinetic, a world renown Out of Home marketing company. Shambavi Singh is highly skilled in business development as well as multiple digital marketing platforms. She is hard working, self driven, and currently taking the marketing world by storm.

Bethan Harper-

Bethan Harper is the Editor and chief at Chapter Z Magazine, a publishing company that focuses on Innovation, Inclusion, and Authenticity. Over the past 10 years she has worked at several marketing companies and has become a jack of all trades when it comes to media and marketing.

Sabrina Clarke-

Sabrina Clarke is the Founder and Managing Director of Build Global, a consultancy company that helps companies reach new audiences through innovation and transformation. Clarke is also the Creator of the Liberian Business Alliance, a group that seeks to inspire Liberians throughout the UK and Liberia.

Ella Sagar-

Ella Sagar is a reporter at media leader and is a gold standard NCTJ. Before graduating from university in 2017 Sagar started her career as early as 2013 doing pursuing internships for several marketing companies. Today Sagar has is a skilled journalist and has written for the West Londoner, Ealing Times, and the Hinglington times to name a few.

Sam Tidmarsh-

Sam Tidmarsh Senior Content Manager, Events & Publishing at Adwanted Group UK. Tidmarsh is an expert in media marketing and digital transformation and has worked with several Marketing companies throughout the the UK.

Christopher De’haney-

Christopher De’Haney is the Google Business Director at EMEA. De’haney is a maverick in the media and marketing world and has one multiple awards for his creative marketing and entrepreneurship. Christopher De’haney is one of the best in the industry at the moment and specializes in strengthening the connection between brands and their audiences.

Elfried Samba-

As the Chief Community Officer at Block chain ventures at Ioconic, Elfried Samab in an expert in media marketing and business relations. Since 2011 Samab has studied the ins and outs of marketing inorder to become one of the most skilled marketers in the UK.

Dean Evans-

Dean is a Digital Producer with skills in Budgeting, Management, Time Management, Teamwork. Deans strong understanding of these skillets has made him a great leader and marketer for Brand Advance for the past 4 years.

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