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In a groundbreaking move towards a more diverse and connected media landscape, the Brand Advance Group (BA Group) has just launched its latest venture – the P+US App, affectionately known as Plus News. This app is set to redefine the way the group’s audience can consume its news, serving as a dynamic platform bringing together voices from various communities, including Black & African American, Afrobeats, Hispanic, LGBTQ+, disABILITY, GenZ, and beyond.
This initiative is just the first step in the rollout of a new generation of media channels by the BA Group and its US Division, BA Diversity Media Inc. The P+US app stands at the forefront, embodying the commitment to amplify minority-owned and operated media.
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To celebrate this monumental launch, the BA Group is extending exclusive invitations to the Generation Black and Generation Hispanic TV channel launch party. The first 100 individuals to download the app and share it within their circles will secure a coveted spot at this must-attend event, scheduled to unfold in the vibrant landscapes of both NYC and London come March 2024.
BA Group’s CEO, a visionary in the media industry, expressed enthusiasm about this transformative leap. “Launching this app to house our minority-owned and operated media is the first stage of our transition from an SSP business to a media owner for a new generation. With over 7 digital channels and 3 CTV channels, all powered by our cutting-edge Cultural Intelligence technology, the P+US app provides our readers with a seamless, centralized space to engage with our diverse content. From the streets of Africa to the landscapes of India, the urban beats of the UK to the vibrant scenes in Mexico – our talented writers from across the globe are bringing a fresh perspective to every news article. It’s an exciting time in our evolution!”
As we step into this new era of media, the P+US app promises not just news but an immersive journey into the diverse narratives that shape our world. Join the revolution, download P+US, and be part of the story as it unfolds from the heart of communities worldwide!

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