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“Must be nice to roll up to court and get an extension on the least demanding sentence possible.”

Cardi b appeared in front of N.Y.C court in an enormous fur coat with no completed hours of community service. She was given a deadline extension to fulfill her 15 days of community service.

The rapper had to complete community service time as part of a plea deal as a consequence of a 2018 strip club brawl in Queens and now has until March 1 to do so.

Cardi pleaded guilty in September to two misdemeanor charges of assault in the third degree and reckless endangerment after the 2018 fight. As part of the bargain, they obtained a three-year order of protection from the women involved in the fight. She had ten charges dismissed, however.

While her attorney stated that Cardi is dedicated to community service and charitable endeavors, anyone on top of her social media might think otherwise. 

Her actions have been criticized (as always) by those who dislike her abrasive social media personality. She stated that part of growing up and maturing is being accountable for her actions, and more so given her motherhood. 

She also said that these moments don’t define her and aren’t reflective of who she is now, either. It’s been nearly five years since the incident.

That still hasn’t deterred even people who don’t know her from bashing Cardi for getting away with the attacks. A less wealthy or influential person might’ve done the same as her and would have been sent to jail already.

The star ordered an attack on two female bartenders at Angel’s Strip Club because she thought her husband, the rapper Offset, had an affair with one of them.

However, witnesses close to Cardi denied she was involved in the attack. What’s most surprising is that while the bartenders were injured during the brawl, both women declined to receive medical treatment. 

Cardi was arrested in October 2018 when she surrendered to police.

Another source told CNN that Cardi had been throwing chairs, bottles, and hookahs in the club at 3 a.m. Yikes!

Her attorney claimed there was no evidence she caused anybody any harm on that night, and they expect the matter to be solved expeditiously.

The lawyer for the victims claims she ordered and committed violent assaults against the women and that she bragged to many people on social media that she planned the attacks. 

“Justice does not care whether her name is Cardi B or Carly B, and she will now answer for her crimes.” Said the lawyer. 

While definitely a bit more theatrical than one would expect from a professional, Cardi B did plead guilty in the end.

She turned herself in at the 109 Precinct, where she was fingerprinted and had her mugshot taken before she left at around 11:45 a.m.

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