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After Will Smith delivered the infamous slap to Chris Rock during the 2022 Oscar ceremony, the relationship between both families was strained.

Will Smith, in particular, has said relatively little about the incident and practically vanished on social media and many public appearances until his apology three weeks ago

Things are bound to change for the renowned comedian and actor as he’s officially returned to social media and was welcomed by his 63 million Instagram followers after uploading a video captioned with me trying to get back on social.”

Fans voiced their support for their actor’s return; Sunday morning, the post obtained more than 50,000 comments. 

We will welcome you back man! We’ve missed you! Everyone goes through shit. You’re human, just like the rest of us! Come back Will!”

He also uploaded a video of himself and his son Trey Smith (29) where they face off what seems to be a tarantula on the ground that got into their hotel room, attempting to take it out of their area.

Family members and other celebrity friends commented on the comedic video with humorous inputs, most notably fellow comedian Savvy Amusing writing, “Yaw safely got that out good thing you seen it bro you would of been Peter Parker in the a.m.”

Others were shocked with how Smith handled things the way he did, as they believe he should’ve apologized to Chris and to the viewing audience and taken further measures to ensure fans were aware of his regret. He also could’ve done a media tour to apologize further and used the opportunity to spark a positive discussion on alopecia. 

Some fans expressed disappointment in Smith’s apology, “too little, too late,” and labeled the apology as tepid.

In situations like this, a PR specialist on the r/entertainment subreddit expressed his concerns about the conflicting interests of the media team and the legal team.

Lawyers usually prefer if their clients say less, while media experts want them to get to the front and speak the right words.

After the event, Will was banned from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences’ events for the next ten years.

He had addressed the situation by posting a written apology to Chris Rock on the day after the Oscar’s ceremony and subsequently uploaded the apology clip nearly a month ago. In the clip, he mentioned that he had contacted Chris Rock and that he wasn’t ready to talk about the incident. 



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